Cloud Forest Conservation with 'Rainforest Concern' in Ecuador

i-to-i is proud to work in collaboration with Rain Forest Concern on one of their flagship projects - Santa Lucía Cloud Forest Reserve. The Bosque Nublado Santa Lucía is a true, community based conservation and eco-tourism effort, located in the truly amazing mountain cloud forests of the Choco Andean bio region of north western Ecuador. This area is a global hotspot of diversity with over 1500 species of tropical plants, 380 species of bird as well as a variety of exotic animals including the endangered spectacled bear.
Santa Lucia was first formed as an agricultural cooperative that quickly learnt that its cloud forest was more valuable left intact and members of the cooperative are now dedicated to the conservation and sustainable management of their natural resources.So, if you're interested in eco-tourism and want to help with forest conservation, then volunteer here! The program plays an essential role in sustaining and developing the conservation aims of Santa Lucia and to make the whole experience that little bit more rewarding, part of your fee goes towards Rainforest Concern too.

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