Highlights of Kyoto

Japan is a kaleidoscope of contrasts and few other cities fuse ancient and modern worlds in the way Kyoto does. Take in a stirring kabuki performance, participate in a traditional tea ceremony, enjoy delicious cuisine and keep your eyes peeled for an elegantly attired Gion geisha. Experience the collision of ancient and modern culture and tradition, and discover hidden treasures around every turn.


Day 1 Arrive Kyoto

Welcome to the ancient capital of Japan. Get acquainted with this beautiful city and discover a place where the modern world coexists with timeless traditions. Why not grab a bento box to enjoy in one of Kyoto's manicured parks before starting this enchanting adventure?

Days 2-3 Kyoto

With a guide, explore the impressive temples, gardens and castles of Kyoto. Walk along peaceful Tetsugaku-no-Michi (the Path of Philosophy), admire the fresh produce at Nishiki-koji Market and participate in a traditional tea ceremony. In the evening, venture to Gion to learn about mysterious geisha. Kyoto's ancient buildings and tranquil gardens are sure to inspire awe in visitors. The city's fusion of old and new is truly magical.

Day 4 Depart Kyoto

Be sure to fill up on traditional cuisine before bidding farewell to this charming city.

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