This 7 day lodging tour visits the best National Parks and Native American lands that the American Southwest has to offer. Experience the peaceful side of Zion National Park, explore the unbelievable rock spires at Bryce Canyon, visit the home of the Navajo Indians at Monument Valley and finish the adventure with two days at the Grand Canyon.


Day 1-2, Las Vegas and Zion National Park

Leaving Las Vegas we head to Zion National Park for two days of peaceful beauty and powerful landscapes. The tree-lined Virgin River supports fragile flora and fauna as it meanders below massive, cathedral-like, sandstone walls soaring several thousand feet into the sky. With its soaring cliffs and cascading waterfalls, Zion National Park is one of the Southwest's most beautiful and dynamic places. There is a variety of trails to choose from and you will have plenty of opportunities to explore. Warm up with a gentle walk to Lower Emerald pool and then continue on to the sparkling Upper Emerald pools, passing a waterfall along the way to discover Zion's "beach." If you are feeling ambitious, enjoy the park's most famous challenge, Angel's Landing. After a beautiful but strenuous hike along the knife-edge ridgeline you will be rewarded with one of the most breathtaking and powerful panoramas you will ever experience. Of course, horseriding is available if you'd prefer a seat with a view! Accommodation: Hotel included | Meals: Paid locally

Day 3, Bryce Canyon National Park

"Mysterious", "breathtaking", "out of this world", are only a few of the descriptions offered by past visitors to Bryce Canyon National Park. For close up views, we allow plenty of time to take advantage of the park's incredible system of trails, ranging from the easy Rim Trail to the moderate Queen's Garden Trail to the strenuous Peek-a-boo Loop. Wherever you walk, you will encounter a kaleidoscope of colours and a fantasy land of rock spires that will leave you searching for your own way to describe this 'indescribable' place. Accommodation: Hotel included | Meals: Paid locally

Day 4, Monument Valley

Next, enter a special land - Monument Valley, home of the Navajo and a perfect setting for incredible sunsets and sunrises. Take an optional Navajo guided backroads tour into seldom-visited areas where you will experience an incredible array of monumental rock formations and rich Native American culture. Accommodation: Hotel included | Meals: Paid locally

Day 5-6, Grand Canyon National Park

En route to the final destination, Grand Canyon National Park, where no introduction is required but a two-night stop certainly is! This national landmark is 18 miles wide, 277 miles long and over a mile deep, making it one of the largest canyon systems in the world. Stroll the meandering South Rim Trail, hike your way down to Plateau Point, opt for a scenic flight or simply relax at the canyon's edge and enjoy a spectacular sunset over one the world's natural wonders. Accommodation: Hotel/Lodge included | Meals: Paid locally

Day 7, Las Vegas

On the last day we head back to civilisation and the bright lights of Las Vegas for the end of our adventure in the Canyons and Indian lands of the Great American Southwest. Tour ends at approx 17:00 hrs in Las Vegas on day 7.

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