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Launch yourself into the animal kingdom in Kenya's finest game parks on this amazing wildlife adventure. Staying in the world-famous Masai Mara, experience superb game viewing as well as the fascinating culture of the Masai tribespeople. Head off the beaten track to search out elephants, hippos, cheetahs, leopards, flamingos and lions against the impressive backdrop of the Great Rift Valley and Lake Naivasha. It's one African safari you'll never forget. Travel from Nairobi to Dar es Salaam and step into an enticing picture of tropical Africa. Cross vast savannah plains where magnificent herds of elephants roam, enjoy warm village welcomes in the lush jungles on the slopes of Mt Kilimanjaro, and see where white sand and palm trees meet the deep blue sea on the Indian Ocean coast. Discover spectacular scenery, superb wildlife and fascinating cultures as you travel across four African countries towards the legendary and exotic spice island of Zanzibar.


Day 1 Nairobi

The journey begins in Kenya's multicultural capital.

Day 2 Lake Nakuru

Meet the kids of the New Hope Children's Home, then head out on an afternoon game drive and admire the lake as it shimmers with a blanket of pink flamingos.

Days 3-4 Lake Naivasha

Interact with locals on a village visit, then camp near the shores of beautiful Lake Naivasha.

Day 5 Loita Hills

Travel across the Great Rift Valley to the heart of Maasai country. Camp among these semi-nomadic tribespeople and learn about their ancient culture.

Days 6-7 Masai Mara National Reserve

Safaris through the Masai Mara can reveal prides of lions, herds of elephants and perhaps a stealthy cheetah.

Days 8-9 Nairobi

Return to the urban jungle of Nairobi.

Day 10 Arusha

Camp on the outskirts of this city in northern Tanzania.

Day 11 Karatu

Interact with locals in a small village then travel to Karatu.

Days 12-13 Serengeti National Park

Go on safari in search of the Serengeti's iconic animals and fall asleep to the sounds of the bush.

Day 14 Ngorongoro Crater

Descend into the giant volcanic Ngorongoro Crater to look for its abundant wildlife, and perhaps spy Africa's iconic Big Five.

Day 15 Marangu

Visit the Amani Children's Home, an inspirational school for underprivileged children then set up camp in Marangu.

Days 16-17 Usambara Mountains

Witness the day-to-day life of the crop-growing Chagga people, then head to the remote beauty of the Usambara Mountains.

Day 18 Dar es Salaam

Camp by the beach in Tanzania's tropical port city.

Days 19-21 Zanzibar

Marvel at the eclectic architecture lining the cobbled streets and visit an aromatic plantation.

Day 22 Dar es Salaam

Take the ferry back to the mainland where this adventure ends.

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