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Welcome to Lawrence of Arabia territory! Home to a famed 'lost city', and countless breathtaking vistas, Jordan really packs a punch. Explore the modern city of Amman and be sure to climb it's ancient citadel for outstanding views. Camp out under a canopy of stars in spectacular Wadi Rum for a truly unforgettable experience. Forge through untamed desert dunes on a camel and encounter the graceful columns of ancient Petra. Roam across centuries of history at the majestic crusader castle of Kerak and float in the famous Dead Sea. From beginning to end this Middle Eastern family adventure will leave you breathless.
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Jordan is an easy country to travel in, with good roads, comfortable hotels and friendly people. Our stay in the desert at Wadi Rum is in a remote area, but our camp is superb and has good facilities, which allows us to enjoy this dramatic region in comfort. Travelling distances throughout the trip are relatively short (4 hours max).


Days 4-5 Petra

Head to the market town of Kerak and choose to explore its magnificent crusader castle. This imposing ancient fortress remains one of the world's most impressive strongholds. Continue onto the famed 'lost city' of Petra. The magnificent pink-hued buildings carved into the rock of the surrounding mountains make visiting this ancient city a memorable experience. Enter through a narrow gorge and to emerge into the great plaza in front of Petra's most famous monument, the Treasury. Made famous in the movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, this astonishing sight is simply breathtaking.

Days 1-2 Amman

Experience a warm welcome from the hospitable people of Jordan on arrival in the sophisticated capital. Discover a modern city that hasn't forgotten its vast and complex historical roots. Set out to visit Jerash, one of the best-preserved Roman cities in the Middle East. Take time to explore the ruins and imagine what life would've been like here all those years ago. Perhaps choose to watch the Roman Army and Chariot Experience with legionaries in full armour, gladiators in battle and a chariot race around an ancient hippodrome.

Day 3 Dead Sea

Visit Madaba to admire ancient mosaics, then continue to legendary Mt Nebo. Afterwards, sit back and relax at the lowest point on earth - the Dead Sea. Float peacefully around this strange, salty oasis or perhaps to indulge in a spa treatment - the waters here are reported to have healing properties.

Day 6 Wadi Rum

Journey into the surreal desert landscape of Wadi Rum. On the way, pass by Mt Nebo, the biblical final resting place of Moses. Spend a memorable night sleeping Bedouin-style in rustic tents, or under a twinkling canopy of stars. Be sure to keep an eye out for some of the wildlife that lives in this parched, sandy terrain: ibex, foxes, gerbils and gazelle can be found here.

Days 7-8 Aqaba

Finish the adventure in the warm seas and golden beaches of Aqaba.

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