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What better way to experience the diverse culture of Central Europe than on this extensive jaunt from Vienna to Athens? Discover the myths and legends of ancient cities and be dazzled by the rich culture of vibrant, old towns. From the heart of Bohemia to the verdant Greek Islands - with a smatter of alpine views and golden beaches in between - unravel the fascinating history of this region. For anyone who's ever wanted to step back in time and meet colourful characters along the way, this is the ultimate adventure.


Days 1-3 Vienna/Bratislava

Soak up Vienna's rich culture, then discover the castles, cathedrals and medieval towers of Bratislava.

Days 4-5 Cesky Krumlov

Cycle through the Czech countryside. Afterwards, consider visiting the impressive Krumlov Castle or enjoy a pilsner or two with the locals.

Days 6-8 Prague

Stroll the Charles Bridge, shop for Bohemia crystal or head out to enjoy some of the best nightlife in Central Europe. Later, take the opportunity to check out the unique sculptures at the World Heritage-listed Sedlec Ossuary, or 'Bone Church'.

Day 9 Teplice

Enjoy hiking among the region's bizarre rock formations at a village hideaway.

Days 10-11 Krakow

Try to comprehend the horrors of the Holocaust at Auschwitz, then travel to Krakow. This former home to Polish kings still retains a regal air, courtesy of the magnificent Wawel Castle.

Days 12-13 Tatra Mountains

Head to the alpine town of Tatranska Lomnica and enjoy stunning vistas while trekking the breathtaking Tatras.

Days 14-16 Budapest

Peruse masterpieces at the Museum of Fine Arts, wander across the impressive Chain Bridge from Buda to Pest, or spend the afternoon soaking in a thermal bath.

Days 17-18 Osijek

Take a stroll along the Drava River, inspect the enchanting medieval citadel or explore the Kopacki Rit Nature Park by bike, foot or boat.

Day 19 Novi Sad

Nestled on the banks of the Danube, surrounded by vineyards and steeped in rich traditions, this historic Serbian town is a delightful stop. Visit a unique honey museum and sample the sweet produce.

Days 20-21 Belgrade

Discover history in one of Europe's oldest cities, visit the impressive Kalemegdan Citadel or get a taste of the local cuisine and entertainment on a evening visit to Skadarska Street.

Days 22-24 Sarajevo/Mostar

Explore a city that is shrugging off memories of war and emerging as one of Europe's most beguiling capitals. Take a day trip to Mostar to see the town and bridge that were rebuilt after being reduced to rubble during the Yugoslav wars.

Day 25 Ostrog Monastery

Set into a rocky cliff face, the stunning Ostrog Monastery is a popular destination for pilgrims. Pay respects to Saint Vasilije, the miracle worker.

Days 26-27 Kotor

A well-preserved medieval town, Kotor is packed with castle ruins, crooked streets and atmospheric harbourside bars.

Days 28-30 Dubrovnik

Walk along the city walls for exceptional coastal views or stroll the marble streets to soak up the charming atmosphere of the 'Pearl of the Adriatic'.

Day 31 Ulcinj

The sands of Velika Plaza are believed to hold potent healing powers - a great excuse to lie back on these Montenegrin shores and relax.

Days 32-33 Tirana

Albania's compact capital is best explored on foot. Turkish and Italian influences are apparent in the architecture and the Et'hem Bey Mosque is a must-see for its intricate frescoes

Days 34-35 Berat

Thought to be one of the oldest cities in the country, charming Berat is better known to Albanians as the 'City of a Thousand Windows'. With an incredible concentration of historical buildings - including a crumbling castle - there's much to explore.

Days 36-37 Gjirokastra

Step back in time and explore this perfectly preserved Ottoman town. Get a taste of the region's tumultuous past at its magnificent citadel and be sure to visit the 17th-century bazaar.

Days 38-39 Saranda

Gateway to the beautiful Albanian Riviera, Saranda is a lively seaside town full of Mediterranean-flavoured cafes and bars. Travel out of town to explore the ruins of Butrint and stop by the Blue Eye Spring.

Days 40-41 Corfu

Sickle-shaped Corfu offers a World Heritage-listed Old Town and miles of scenic coastline. Delve into the myths of ancient Greece with a trip to the Archaeological Museum and perhaps take a stroll along the elegant Liston.

Days 42-43 Athens

The journey ends in Greece's sprawling 3,400-year-old metropolis. Be sure to sample scrumptious Greek souvlaki and visit the Parthenon for impressive panoramas of the city.

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