Classic Peru & Amazon

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From mountains to jungle, seasides to great plains, see Peru's incredible natural and historical highlights on this two-week adventure. Retrace the steps of the Incas to Machu Picchu, admire colonial cities, explore colourful markets and meet friendly locals in this South American country with a difference. Return home with incredible memories of the panoramas and people of Peru.


Day 1 Lima

Get a feel for this city's colourful past on a walk through the well-preserved historic centre.

Days 2-4 Puno/Lake Titicaca

Water stretches as far as the eye can see at Lake Titicaca, home to many unique communities. Travel to Puno on the shores of the lake and take a tour by boat to the Uros floating islands. Be welcomed by locals on an island homestay and pick up some quality knitted goods handmade by the local men on Taquile Island.

Day 5 Cuzco

Take time to acclimatise to the city's 3,400 m altitude by taking a slow stroll around the Inca-built walls that line Cuzco's central streets.

Day 6 Sacred Valley/Ollantaytambo

Travel through the lush, green Sacred Valley, known to the Incas as Wilcamayo. Stop at Pisac famous for its colourful artisan markets and meet with locals en route to Ollantaytambo, a geometrically perfect town.

Day 7 Aguas Calientes

Wind through the Urubamba Valley on a train ride to Aguas Calientes. Nestled in the cloud forest at the foot of Machu Picchu, Aguas Calientes is a top spot to overnight. Visit a colourful butterfly farm or spend the afternoon resting in natural hot springs.

Days 8-9 Machu Picchu/Cuzco

Join a local guide for a tour of the awesome, unforgettable ruins of Machu Picchu. Return to Cuzco and get reacquainted with this magnetic, charming city.

Days 10-11 Amazon Jungle

Rise early and jet to Puerto Maldonado to explore the wilds of the iconic Amazon. With the help of a local guide, spot unique flora and fauna.

Days 12-13 Lima

Return to Lima for a final dip in this cultural melting pot.

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