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Get a taste of the rhythms of Argentina and Brazil on this southern adventure journeying from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro, taking in the spectacular Iguazu Falls and long sandy beaches of Paraty along the way. From tango to samba, Spanish to Portuguese and Malbec wine to caipirinhas, these two countries are sure to have you enthralled in their passionate zest for life.


Days 1-2 Buenos Aires

Take a walk around the cosmopolitan city streets and sample local fare along the way. Meat lovers will go wild over the famous Argentinean steaks, while those with a sweet tooth will delight in the caramel sandwiched cookie-like treats, called alfajores. Stay up late to dance the sensual tango in a musical milonga or shop up a storm in elegant boutiques.

Days 3-4 Iguazu Falls

Discover the jaw-dropping magnitude of Iguazu Falls, where tropical flowers, colourful butterflies and misty rainbows all add to the magic of this spectacular destination. The might roar of the falls is deafening, so be prepared to be blown away by witnessing the power of nature in action. Admire the falls from both the Brazilian and Argentinean side or, for those wanting a different perspective, why not try a boat tour of the falls, which offers up close views?

Days 5-6 Sao Paulo/Paraty

Explore the old Portuguese port town of Paraty, strolling around its cobblestone streets, petite boutiques, art galleries and flourishing courtyard gardens. A boat trip to the nearby islands is a relaxing way to spend the day and an excellent chance to splash about in the clear, temperate waters of the bay.

Days 7-8 Rio de Janeiro

There is plenty to see and do in flamboyant, rambunctious Rio de Janeiro. Check out the views from the feet of Christ the Redeemer atop Corcovado, or why not head to the top of Sugarloaf by cable car? For some seriously eye-popping people watching, head down to the white-sand beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema. The only way to truly experience this city is to try to keep up with it!

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