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From the sensual samba of Rio, to the passionate tango of Buenos Aires, this fantastic journey takes in all the best of Argentina and Brazil. See amazing natural wonders, explore small historic towns and spend time relaxing in comfort near the ocean. You'll be hooked on the relaxed atmosphere, friendly locals, beautiful scenery and the vibrant cities that make up these two distinct countries that are famous for their passion, football, dancing and love of life.


Day 1 Rio de Janeiro

Arrive early and climb aboard Brazil's last historic streetcar for a clattering journey up to bohemian Santa Teresa, or discover shady avenues lined with lush cafes and smouldering jazz bars in flash Ipanema. Pay a visit to Christ the Redeemer on Corcovado for unforgettable views over the city. Perhaps wind down with Rio's iconic cocktail - a caipirinha.

Days 2-3 Paraty

Originally settled in 1531, and once a booming port town famous for its cachaca (sugar cane liquor), Paraty was all but forgotten after the abolition of slavery. Today, it is a national monument and its cobblestone, pedestrian-only streets are a romantic place for a leisurely stroll. Explore the beautiful bay and its many islands on a scenic boat trip, stopping to swim and snorkel in the warm, crystal-clear ocean.

Days 4-5 Iguazu Falls

Get swept up in the majesty of the mighty Iguazu Falls, enjoying the panoramic views from the Brazilian side, then strolling along the Argentinean boardwalks for an up close look at the thundering water. Uncover the history, legend and geology of this remarkable site.

Days 6-8 Buenos Aires

Explore the many districts of Buenos Aires, getting to know the distinct character and style of each one. San Telmo is the home of tango and is popular for its artists and weekend markets. La Boca, settled by waves of immigrants, is known for its brightly painted buildings and murals, while the Microcentro, with its churches, cathedrals and old buildings, is the undisputed historic heart. Stop in one of the city's many cafes for a super-strong espresso and a chance to meet the locals.

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