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Embark on an epic South American adventure through Brazil, Argentina and Chile. Experience the contrasts of modern cities heaving with people and remote regions filled with exotic wildlife and untamed natural beauty. Whether it's marvelling at unique bird species in the wetlands of the Pantanal, hiking through dramatic mountain scenery in national parks or staring in awe at the power of Iguazu Falls, this region delivers some of the most breathtaking and memorable scenery in the world. Get close to nature by camping in the bush and become acquainted with a diverse range of cultures and people in cities and towns along the way. Sample the flavours of South America and be captivated by the passionate people, unique landscapes and proud culture that makes this corner of the earth so magnetic.


Day 1 Rio de Janeiro

Start the adventure in the dynamic streets of Rio de Janeiro.

Days 2-4 Paraty

Take a boat trip to nearby islands to swim in balmy waters or laze on secluded beaches. In free time, choose from optional mountain biking, snorkelling or scuba diving adventures.

Days 5-6 Brotas

This tiny town is a magnet for adventure sports fans and is the ideal place to enjoy canyoning and whitewater rafting.

Day 7 Campo Grande

Camp in the fertile Campo Grande region.

Days 8-10 Pantanal

The world's largest wetland area is home to a diversity of wildlife. Spot the many colourful birds and keep an eye out for sleek predators hunting prey in these vast open plains. Venture through this remarkable region by canoe, boat or on horseback.

Days 11-12 Bonito

The pristine wilderness of this remarkable region boasts abundant wildlife and a range of optional activities. Hike along spectacular mountain walks, dive into the cool waters or snorkel among vibrant fish.

Days 13-15 Iguazu Falls

Surrounded by steamy tropical jungle, the mighty Iguazu Falls are an impressive sight to behold. Marvel at the thunderous roar and admire the rainbows visible in the mists.

Days 16 San Ignacio Mini

Stroll the intricately carved ruins of San Ignacio Mini.

Days 17-19 Buenos Aires

Relax in the cafes, bars and restaurants of cultured Buenos Aires.

Day 20 Monte Hermoso

Survey the vast plains of the Pampas - home to the gauchos, Argentina's proud cowboys.

Days 21-22 Puerto Madryn

Enjoy a guided tour of the Valdes Peninsula to spot some of the myriad species that inhabit the area.

Day 23 Camarones

Travel to the Atlantic Coast and choose to pay a visit to penguin colonies.

Days 24-26 Atlantic wildcamp

Pitch a tent and soak up the scenery.

Days 27-29 Los Glaciares National Park/El Chalten

HIke through stunning mountain scenery, past pristine lakes and forests.

Days 30-31 Perito Moreno Glacier/El Calafate

Watch the blue wonder of the Perito Moreno Glacier and wait for ice chunks to break off and plunge into the lake below.

Days 32-36 Torres del Paine National Park

Trek through pristine wilderness and marvel at the park's granite cliffs, barren plains, clear lakes and dramatic waterfalls.

Days 37-39 Ushuaia

Arrive into the city on the southernmost tip of the Americas, Ushuaia. Venture into Tierra del Fuego and explore the striking landscape. Look out for a host of bird species as well as seals and sea lions.

Days 40-41 Monte Leon National Park

Boasting some of Argentina's most dramatic coastal scenery, the Monte Leon National Park is home to a vast array of flora and fauna.

Days 42-45 Rio Pinturas/Los Alerces National Park

Offering glorious views and some great hikes, this pristine park features crystal-clear lakes surrounded by forests of Patagonian cypress.

Days 46-47 Bariloche

Use free time in beautiful Bariloche to indulge in adventure sports, try sweet treats at cafes and restaurants or shop for souvenirs.

Days 48-50 Pucon

Admire deep blue lakes and snow-capped mountains while relaxing in Pucon. Soaking in the thermal springs is a great way to rejuvenate the mind and body.

Days 51-52 Salto del Laja

Camp amid spectacular scenery - with a clear night sky year-round, stargazing is recommended here.

Day 53 Santiago

Complete the adventure in the resplendent beauty of Santiago.

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