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Journey along the spine of the Andes, from the heights of Quito to cosmopolitan Santiago. Venture into landscapes of breathtaking beauty and marvel at ancient mysteries as you travel through five counties over 61 unforgettable days. Discover the colonial charm and lush jungles of Ecuador, visit remote Quechua communities while trekking through the Andes, gaze in awe at ancient ruins in Peru, survey vast natural wonders in Bolivia and savour the mouth-watering aromas of a traditional barbecue while staying on an Argentine estancia. This unbelievable Overland adventure will leave you humbled and amazed by the breadth of culture in this spectacular continent.


Day 1 Quito

Discover the narrow streets, restored colonial architecture and lively plazas of Quito's charming Old Town.

Days 2-4 Amazon Jungle

Penetrate deep into the lush jungle to discover the exotic flora and fauna of the region.

Days 5-7 Rio Verde

Explore the great Ecuadorian outdoors with a range of optional activities including horse riding, mountain biking or even whitewater rafting.

Days 8-9 Chugchilan/Quilotoa Loop

Enjoy spectacular views while driving along the winding Quilotoa Loop. Stretch legs on a guided trek and overnight in an eco-lodge nestled on the slopes of the Rio Toachi Canyon.

Days 10-11 Cuenca

Witness the creation of the legendary Panama hat on a guided factory tour before exploring this historic town at leisure.

Days 12-13 Punta Sal

Laze on the beach or take a dip in the inviting waters of the Pacific.

Days 14-15 Huanchaco

Watch local fishermen balance on reed canoes and visit the richly decorated Pyramid of the Moon.

Days 16-18 Huaraz

Get active with a range of optional outdoor activities or drop by the Museo Regional de Ancash to view an impressive collection of ancient stone sculptures.

Days 19-20 Lima

Take a stroll around the magnificent Plaza de Armas and admire the exquisitely carved balconies of the Archbishop's Palace. To learn more about the region's ancient history head to one of the easily accessible adobe pyramids.

Day 21 Paracas National Reserve

Marvel at an enormous cactus etched onto a hill thousands of years ago.

Day 22 Ballestas Islands/Nazca

Enjoy a boat ride through the picturesque Ballestas Islands - home to a cacophony of weird and wonderful wildlife - before continuing on to be puzzled by the ancient Nazca Lines.

Day 23 Puerto Inca

Wander the eerie Chauchilla Cemetery, which houses excellently preserved ancient human remains. Camp overnight in Puerto Inca.

Days 24-25 Arequipa

Step back in time at the remarkable Monasterio de Santa Catalina or visit the museum to see the frozen body of an Inca maiden sacrificed on the summit of Nevado Ampato.

Days 26-27 Chivay/Colca Canyon

Absorb the astonishing views of the enormous Colca Canyon and search out the elusive Andean condors overhead. Overnight in Chivay.

Day 28 Raqchi Homestay

Get to know a local family on an overnight homestay - a great opportunity to sample village life.

Days 29-30 Cuzco

Sample some Andean delicacies such as roast cuy (guinea pig) or browse for handicrafts in colourful markets.

Days 31-34 Classic Inca Trail/Quechua Community Trek

Take in the marvellous Sacsayhuaman and Pisac ruins before embarking on a unforgettable trek along ancient Inca paths. Visit Quechua communities and camp amongst spectacular Andean scenery. There is also an option to take the classic Inca Trail route.

Days 35-36 Machu Picchu/Cuzco

Nothing can prepare you for the first glimpse of Machu Picchu bathed in early morning light. Scale Wayna Picchu for sweeping views or simply soak up the peaceful atmosphere. Back in Cuzco relax in the beautiful Plaza de Armas, explore the magnificent Baroque churches or browse the fascinating collection at the Museo de Arte Precolombino.

Day 37 Puno

Observe amazing pre-Incan funerary towers rising dramatically from the desolate landscape en route to the small port of Puno.

Days 38-39 Copacabana

Navigate the vast waters of Lake Titicaca and visit the unbelievable floating islands, inhabited and maintained by the Uros. From the Bolivian town of Copacabana, take a boat out to explore the Island of the Sun, known as the birthplace of Inca civilisation.

Days 40-42 La Paz

Wander the spacious plazas and perhaps visit the stimulating Coca Museum.

Days 43-44 Potosi

Discover Potosi's mining heritage on a visit to a mine still being worked. Later, be sure to check out the three geoglyphs constructed just outside of the town as part of a global art project.

Days 45-46 Salar de Uyuni

Experience sublime wonder as you gaze out over expansive salt flats, then visit the stunning fiery-red Laguna Colorado and the equally beautiful blue-green Laguna Verde.

Days 47-48 Bolivian Altiplano/San Pedro de Atacama

Head south towards the Argentine border and camp in the great outdoors.

Days 49-51 Salta

Watch the world go by at the plaza or dance the night away in one of the city's nightclubs.

Day 52 Cafayate

Indulge in some local wines after a guided vineyard tour.

Days 53-56 Estancia Stay

Tantalise the tastebuds at a traditional Argentine barbecue while staying on a working cattle ranch.

Days 57-59 Mendoza

Snooze in the shade at the city's beautiful park or wander through some of the many galleries.

Days 60-61 Santiago

Why not celebrate the journey with a delicious meal in the renowned Bellavista neighbourhood before exploring this cosmopolitan city at leisure?

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