Buenos Aires to Rio Unplugged

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Hit two of South America's most exciting cities, Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro and discover their wild nightlife, friendly residents and cultural charm. On the way, explore bays filled with natural beauty, quaint villages with cobblestone streets and beachside getaways in idyllic surrounds. Be moved by the passion of the people, stand in awe at the might of Iguazu Falls and let your hips sway in time to the samba beat on this epic adventure from Argentina to Brazil.


Day 1 Buenos Aires

Discover the barrios (neighbourhoods) of Buenos Aires, such as colourful La Boca or the bohemian San Telmo, with its atmospheric plaza, dusty antique stores and moody cafes.

Day 2 Colonia

Take a ferry across the tea-coloured Rio de la Plata to the Uruguayan port town of Colonia. Stroll quirky narrow streets, dine at a riverside restaurant or admire the mix of sandstone architecture.

Day 3 Montevideo

Head to Montevideo, Uruguay's capital. Why not visit the Mercado del Puerto to feast on sizzling plates of barbecued meat and listen to local music?

Days 4-7 Estancia Stay

Things are simple down on the estancia (ranch). You may help out with farm chores, herd sheep or work in the garden. At the end of each day, get together and share some hearty Uruguayan home cooking.

Days 8-10 Foz do Iguazu

Take an optional day trip to explore Iguazu Falls. Cross the overhead bridges for spectacular views from both the Brazilian and Argentinean side of the falls.

Days 11-12 Paraty

In your free time, wander the cobblestone streets or explore the beaches, walking trails and waterfalls of the surrounding national parks.

Days 13-15 Ilha Grande

With a unique blend of tropical beaches and steamy rainforest, Ilha Grande is a stunning place to retreat. On this island getaway, relax with a caipirinha in hand or hike through the forests to discover Praia Lopes Mendes, one of Brazil's most beautiful beaches.

Days 16-17 Rio de Janeiro

See some live music in bohemian Santa Teresa, relax in the lush Jardim Botanico or watch the sunset from Ipanema beach with a refreshing agua de coco (coconut water) in hand.

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