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Get off the tourist trail on this extraordinary adventure through Bolivia and Chile. Uncover the rural history of Potosi, explore the cities of La Paz and Sucre, and marvel at the landscapes of the Salar de Uyuni, before arriving in vibrant Santiago. There's plenty of thrills to be found in Salta or, for those seeking a more relaxed place, wine tasting in Mendoza. This overland journey really does have it all.


Days 1-2 La Paz

Start the adventure in sky-high La Paz. Look for magic potions in the Witches' Market or head to the Coca Museum to learn about the plant that is still an essential part of Andean life.

Days 3-4 Sucre

Peruse a bejewelled painting at the Museo de la Catedral, compare footprints with those of a dinosaur at Cal Orcko or head to Recoleta, an old convent at the top of a hill, from where you will be able to see why Sucre is known as Bolivia's most beautiful city.

Days 5-6 Potosi

Journey deep underground on an optional trip into one of Bolivia's tin mines - a confrontational but unforgettable experience.

Days 7-10 Uyuni/Salar de Uyuni

Discover the gleaming salt flats, cactus-studded islands, multicoloured lakes and abundant wildlife of the surreal Salar de Uyuni.

Days 11-14 Salta

Cross the border between Bolivia and Argentina and delve into the pre-Columbian and colonial history of one of Argentina's most splendid cities. Need a thrill? Optional bungee jumping and horseriding can be easily arranged. After a few days here, you'll have no doubt why the Argentineans affectionately call it 'Salta the Pretty'.

Days 15-17 Mendoza

Wander through bountiful, sun-kissed vineyards and lock lips with some Malbec - Mendoza's premier wine. Winter travellers will delight in the nearby ski resorts, though Mendoza is a treat all year round. To give a little back, choose to visit Brazos Abiertos, a community project that supports local underprivileged children and mothers.

Days 18-20 Santiago

Cross the spectacular Andes and arrive in Chile and it's bustling capital, Santiago. At the centre is the Plaza de Armas, home to the cathedral. For a serene look at Chilean life, visit Barrio Bella Vista - a cluster of cafes and galleries affectionately referred to as the 'Paris Quarter'.

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