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Here's a South American adventure that journeys through a fascinating region rich in natural beauty, dramatic vistas and cosmopolitan cities oozing with passion and culture. Feel the contrast as you trek the W-Hike through the Patagonian wilderness and explore an urban metropolis. From camping near the end of the earth and witnessing gargantuan glaciers, to indulging in the modernity of Buenos Aires, this trip will reward those with a sense of adventure, an appreciation of nature and an interest in diversity.


Day 1 Santiago

Set out in Santiago and enjoy free time to indulge in the cityÂ’s cafe culture and art scene. Perhaps take a cable car up to Cerro San Cristobal - on a clear day the view is breathtakingly beautiful.

Day 2 Punta Arenas/Puerto Natales

After a flight to Punta Arenas, watch the world go by on the bus journey to Puerto Natales.

Days 3-6 Torres del Paine National Park

Hike the famous W Trek through the dramatic granite pillars, vast glaciers, sparkling lakes, gushing waterfalls and herds of wild guanacos in dramatic Chilean Patagonia. At the end of each day, camp in the arms of nature and marvel at the wonder of this remote corner of the world.

Days 7-8 El Calafate/Perito Moreno Glacier

Travel to El Calafate in Argentina to explore the awe-inspiring Perito Moreno Glacier. Admire the natural, blue beauty of this imposing icy mass, one of the few glaciers that is advancing, not retreating. Photographers will enjoy capturing the epic scale and splendour of this gigantic glacier. Chunks of ice frequently break off and plummet into the water below, providing dramatic, memorable moments.

Days 9-10 Buenos Aires

Enjoy a final night in sophisticated and seductive Buenos Aires. Sample local cuisine, revel in the passionate atmosphere and admire the European-inspired architecture. This is a city rich in culture and charisma, so donÂ’t miss out on the opportunity for indulgence. Hit the elegant boutiques and pick up a fashionable reminder of Argentina. Try and catch locals dancing the tango - the quintessential representation of Argentinean flair.

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