Wild Sarawak

Sarawak is one of South-East Asia's best kept secrets. Encounter an Orangutan, Trek through virgin rainforest, exploring one of the world's biggest cave systems, staying in traditional longhouses and learning about the fascinating culture of the Iban people all combine for an inspiring adventure. Follow the Headhunters' Trail and experience one of the world's truly intrepid adventures.


Day 1 Kuching

Take time to enjoy the delightful Kuching city before heading out into the wilds of Borneo's Sarawak region.

Day 2 Bako National Park

Hike along pristine jungle trails in the Bako National Park. Look to the trees to try and spot the quirky proboscis monkeys who call Bako park home.

Day 3 Kuching

Travel back to Kuching and perhaps take a leisurely stroll along the riverbank to watch the tambang ferries glide by or visit Sarawak Museum, one of the most popular attractions in Kuching.

Day 4 Iban Longhouse

Be welcomed in the longhouses of the Iban people and spend an evening learning about their amazing history and culture. Share stories, get an insight into their day-to-day life and hear about their fascinating headhunting history.

Days 5-7 Mulu National Park

Spend two days exploring Mulu National Park. Climb to the summit of the Pinnacles Trail and visit Wind Cave and Clearwater Cave, which contains Asia's longest underground river.

Day 8 Headhunters' Trail/Limbang

Walk part of the ominously named Headhunters Trail, historically used by warring parties that were travelling between the Limbang and Tutoh rivers.

Days 9-10 Kota Kinabalu

Jump in a traditional longtail boat and be whisked down the river to Limbang. From here, make tracks to a beachside resort near Kota Kinabalu. Staying near the beach, yet close to the city, provides the perfect base from which to snorkel, swim or simply relax on the Borneo coast. A great way to end this Wild Sarawak adventure tour.

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