Tripoli to Cape Town


Days 23-27 Western Desert Oasis Route

Travel through the Black and White deserts and see thriving oases.

Days 28-31 Luxor

Ride a donkey to the Valley of the Kings and visit Karnak Temple.

Days 32-35 Aswan

Relax beside the Nile.

Days 36-37 Wadi Halfa

Cross enormous Lake Nasser by ferry to enter Sudan.

Days 38-43 Nubian Desert

Follow a camel caravan route through rugged terrain and camp under the open sky.

Days 44-45 Meroe

Explore impressive Kushite temples and pyramids.

Days 46-48 Khartoum

Brush up on your Arabic with the friendly residents of Khartoum in Sudan.

Days 49-51 Gedaref/Gonder

Visit the fascinating castles and palaces of Gonder in Ethiopia.

Days 52-55 Simien Mountains National Park

Hike through rugged terrain, passing eroded volcanic cores, raging rivers and jagged peaks.

Days 56-58 Aksum

Explore this city that is peppered with ancient obelisks, crumbling palaces and a web of underground tombs.

Days 59-60 Mekele

Wander through the cliff-face cave churches of Tigray.

Days 61-63 Lalibela

Peer into astounding rock-hewn churches.

Days 64-66 Bahir Dar

Walk around the Blue Nile Falls, then take a reed boat to isolated monasteries.

Day 67 Dejen

Spend the night in Dejen.

Days 68-70 Addis Ababa

Stop by the bustling capital.

Day 71 Lake Abiata-Shala National Park

Relax in hot springs surrounded by the twitter of birdlife.

Days 72-74 Bale Mountains National Park

Head out on game spotting expeditions.

Days 75-76 Shashemene

Learn about the Rastafarian lifestyle and philosophy.

Days 77-78 Arba Minch

Use free time to embark on a boat trip or visit a crocodile farm.

Days 79-82 Omo Valley

Visit remote villages and learn about the customs of local tribes.

Days 83-84 Konso

Journey to Konso and peruse the local market.

Days 85-86 Moyale/Marsabit

Travel through deserts, mountains and bushland to reach Kenya.

Days 87-88 Samburu National Reserve

Witness Samburu dancing and learn about tribal life from the locals. Try to spot the Big Five in the reserve.

Day 89 Mt Kenya

Spend the night in a lodge on the slopes of Mt Kenya.

Days 90-91 Lake Nakuru

Be impressed by a sea of pink flamingos.

Day 92 Lake Naivasha

Camp by the shores of the lake.

Day 93-98 Nairobi

Get to know the busy streets of Kenya's capital.

Day 99 Mto Wa Mbu

Camp in a Tanzanian village.

Days 100-101 Ngorongoro Crater/Serengeti National Park

Explore a volcanic crater filled with wildlife and safari through the Serengeti.

Day 102 Mto Wa Mbu

Soak up the slow pace of village life.

Day 103 Marangu

Camp amid tropical gardens.

Day 104 Dar es Salaam

Enjoy the warm climate of Tanzania's coast.

Days 105-107 Zanzibar

Smell the spices and taste the flavours of Zanzibar.

Day 108 Dar es Salaam

Return to the mainland for more beachside camping.

Days 109-110 Iringa/Chitimba

Travel through highland towns to reach Malawi.

Days 111-112 Lake Malawi

Chill out on a peaceful beach.

Days 113-114 Lilongwe/Nyamapanda

Kick back in a coffee shop in Malawi's capital then cross into Zimbabwe.

Day 115 Harare

Explore galleries, museums and botanic gardens.

Day 116 Masvingo

See an ancient ruined city.

Days 117-118 Bulawayo

Search out rhinos in Matobo National Park.

Day 119 Hwange National Park

Search out elephants in a 4x4 safari.

Days 120-122 Victoria Falls

See torrents of white water cascade into a canyon.

Days 123-124 Chobe National Park

Enjoy a game drive and cruise through a Botswanan wildlife haven.

Day 125 Bagani Community Camp

Enter Namibia and embark on boat rides, hikes or fishing trips.

Days 126-127 Okavango Delta

Travel through this immense waterway by mokoro, a dugout canoe.

Days 128-129 Bagani Community Camp/Rundu

Camp surrounded by lush vegetation.

Day 130 Grootfontein/San Bushmen

Meet the San Bushmen and try to pick up their distinct 'clicking language'.

Days 131-132 Etosha National Park

Roam the park's dry plains and encounter zebras, impala and rhinos.

Day 133 Spitzkoppe

Admire stunning geological formations and ancient rock paintings.

Days 134-136 Swakopmund

See seals basking on the shores of Cape Cross.

Days 137-138 Sesriem/River Camp

Scale some of the highest sand dunes on the earth.

Day 139 Fish River Canyon

Marvel at a spectacular sunset over the canyon.

Days 140-141 Orange River/Western Cape

Perhaps canoe along the beautiful Orange River.

Day 142 Cape Town

The trip ends in captivating Cape Town.

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