Classic Brazil

Discover the heart and soul of Brazil on a journey through its beautiful interior. From the dramatic setting of Rio to the thundering waters of Iguazu Falls and onto the startling array of wildlife in the Pantanal wetlands, experience the natural wonders and vibrant energy that this welcoming country is known for.


Day 1 Rio de Janeiro

Between the white-sand beaches, the rhythm of samba and the lush mountain hideaways, Rio is bewitching. Get acquainted with the sights and learn why locals say, "God made the world in six days, the seventh he devoted to Rio". The beach is the perfect place for people-watching. Join the flocks of tanned cariocas (residents of Rio) that head to the beach to swim, bake, play games or pose.

Days 2-3 Iguazu Falls

Stretching almost three km in length, the incredible power of mighty Iguazu will take your breath away. Spend two days exploring both the Argentinean and Brazilian sides of the falls, admiring their sheer scale and vast panoramic splendour. Be prepared to get wet, as the prolific torrents of water gushing through Iguazu don't discriminate!

Days 4-6 Pantanal/Campo Grande

The Pantanal plain is the world's largest wetland area and home to a vast array of wildlife including monkeys, anacondas, lizards and otters. This sanctuary hosts a diverse range of creatures, so there's plenty of opportunity to view the many different species that coexist here. Enjoy a tour of the area, birdwatching and exploring the bountiful wetlands. Spend the night sleeping in a hammock - an authentic experience to remember.

Days 7-8 Rio de Janeiro

Return to raucous Rio for a final night on the town. Head out into this electric city and toast the adventure with a fresh caipirinha, bust a move in a hot and heady dance hall or sample street food delights. Why not take the hedonistic approach and indulge in all three? Rio is more than happy to oblige!

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