Rio Carnaval - Superior

This is a golden opportunity to contribute to the dynamic atmosphere of Rio's legendary Carnaval. Spend the days enjoying the best of Rio - from the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue, to the architecture of colonial Rio and the waters of Guanabara Bay. By night soak up the pulsating rhythms and bright hues of lively street celebrations. After a lively lead up, witness the climactic finale - a furious blend of music, culture, lavish fashion and heaving masses of party people all out to celebrate life. With comfortable hotels providing a deluxe haven to recharge and revive, this is a chance to do Carnaval in style.


Day 1 Rio de Janeiro

Welcome to Rio! Settle in, feel the excitement in the air and get ready for the world's biggest party! Thrilling bursts of colour, electric energy and wild dancing all combine to create Rio's captivating Carnaval. Liberate your hips and join this epic celebration full of saucy South American passion and excitement

Day 2 Rio de Janeiro

Get a sneaky behind-the-scenes look at Carnaval preparations, seeing the Sambadrome pre-party, checking out some smaller street parades and visiting the Gamboa district, the birthplace of Samba. There's also the opportunity to go to the football - an amazing event and unlike any ordinary game as singing, celebrating and music is just as important as the game!

Day 3 Rio de Janeiro

Catch a morning tram to Corcovado Mountain and take a train through lush rainforest to the Christ the Redeemer statue, seeing a spectacular 360-degree view of Rio. Take some time to relax as then it's time for night one of Carniva -l and the party lasts well into the next morning! Get caught up in the frenzy of dancing, drumming, music and sequins, and watch Brazil's best samba schools wow audiences with their Samba skills.

Day 4 Rio de Janeiro

Relax on Ipanema beach, people-watch over coffee or simply sleep in after an amazing night. Visit Sugar Loaf Mountain in the afternoon, taking a cable car over the treetops with spectacular views of the ocean and city below. Dress up fancy as it's time for night two of the Sambadrome - and this time it's possible to join in the parade! Taking part is glorious chaos and something that won't soon be forgotten!

Day 5 Rio de Janeiro

There's ample time to relax this morning before an afternoon visit to the fascinating favela project, Morrinho. Want more of Rio's spectacular party atmosphere? Tonight there's the opportunity to go to a Carnival Ball - glitter, glam and outrageousness compulsory!

Day 6 Rio de Janeiro

Wander cobblestone streets, see colonial architecture and discover Rio's heritage on a morning tour to see another side to the city. Later, jump aboard a boat cruise on Guanabarra Bay and witness the beauty of Rio from the water. Watch the sun set over the bay with a glass in hand while swapping wild Carnaval stories with new friends.

Day 7 Rio de Janeiro

Farewell this magical city or perhaps stay on a few days to see more of colourful Rio.

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