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Travel across romantic Eastern Europe from Hungary to Turkey and experience the diverse range of cultures and landscapes in between. From beautiful Budapest to the haunted castles of Transylvania, through stunning mountain scenery to Bulgaria and beyond - be enchanted by medieval monasteries, Old World towns and the warm hospitality of this little-travelled region.


Day 1 Budapest

Be greeted by elegant palaces and a vibrant nightlife in this city on the Danube.

Day 2 Eger

Explore Eger Castle or sample some excellent local wines, including a drop known as 'Bull's Blood'.

Days 3-4 Maramures

Call into the town of Debrecen then cross the border into Romania to experience peasant culture in the rural villages of Maramures.

Day 5 Sighisoara

Be spooked by the bloodcurdling myths that surround the land of Transylvania.

Day 6 Viscri

Enjoy dinner with a local family and perhaps sample schnapps.

Days 7-8 Brasov

Flanked by mountains and city walls, this medieval town boasts a bevy of ornate buildings including the Biserica Neagra, or Black Church.

Day 9 Sinaia

Once a quiet monastery settlement, Sinaia quickly became a booming resort town with the construction of King Carol I's summer residence, the Peles Castle.

Days 10-11 Veliko Tarnovo

Drop into Bucharest before crossing the Friendship Bridge into Bulgaria. Head to the picturesque town of Veliko Tarnovo.

Day 12 Sofia

Walk along tree-lined boulevards and see the Aleksander Nevski Memorial Church.

Day 13 Gorno Draglishte

Journey into the Rila Mountains and join a family as guests for the night.

Days 14-15 Bansko

Unwind in charming stone taverns - known as mehanes - and indulge with local cuisine.

Days 16-17 Plovdiv

Wander among Byzantine ruins and be sure to see the ancient Roman Amphitheatre.

Day 18 Istanbul

Whether happily lost in the Grand Bazaar or reflecting in the awesome Aya Sofya, Istanbul is sure to delight.

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