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The road to Angkor is paved with historic riches and cultural treasures - the perfect route for an insight into the fascinating countries of Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. From the bustle of Bangkok and the grandeur of Angkor to the rural charm of Chau Doc and energy of Ho Chi Minh City, be charmed by the people and seduced by the lush landscapes of this beautiful region.


Day 1 Bangkok

Thailand's cosmopolitan capital pulses with energy. Tap into the buzz by taking a tuk-tuk through the crowded streets and strolling one of the city's many markets or shopping centres. Perhaps drop by the Ratchadamnoen Stadium for an electrifying Thai boxing match.

Days 2-4 Siem Reap/Angkor Wat

The road to Cambodia leads to the former kingdom of the Khmers. Experience the extravagant beauty of the Angkor temples from dawn to dusk and learn the symbolism behind the exquisite bas-reliefs from a knowledgeable guide. These beautiful, crumbling structures are sure to amaze.

Days 5-6 Phnom Penh

Recall the chilling events of Cambodia's past at S-21, the notorious Khmer concentration camp, and Choeung Ek, the site of the infamous Killing Fields. The Silver Pagoda and Royal Palace reveal a lighter side of history and the Russian Market is a good place to pick up a traditional krama.

Day 7 Chau Doc

Feel the wind whip past while travelling down the mighty Mekong in a speedboat and crossing into Vietnam along the way. Witness the floating houses of Chau Doc, watch fishermen ply their trade and maybe even travel to Sam Mountain to admire a dramatic sunset over the Vietnam and Cambodia border.

Days 8-9 Ho Chi Minh City

It's on to frenetic streets, overflowing markets and the boisterous calls of vendors in lively Ho Chi Minh City. Hunt for bargains in the bustling Ben Thanh Market or discover the French presence that lingers in the form of colonial buildings, great coffee and freshly baked baguettes all over the city.

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