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Journey to the heart of Cambodia and get to the know the people, landscape, customs and cuisine that make this country one of our favourites. From the French-colonial elegance of Battambang and time-worn grandeur of Angkor to the natural beauty of the remote south, discover the magical country of the Khmers. Along the way, we spice up our adventure with temple sunsets, a glimpse at brutal histories and idyllic beach getaways. So come join us as we indulge in the delicious heritage and culture of this fascinating country.


Days 1-2 Phnom Penh

This Cambodian adventure begins in the capital. Pay respects to lives lost at the chilling Tuol Sleng Museum and the infamous Killing Fields, before taking time to discover a more glorious era amid the treasures of the National Museum. In free time be sure to admire the shiny spires of the Royal Palace, first occupied by the royal family in the 1860s.

Days 3-4 Battambang

Battambang city facades evoke a certain elegance, with French-colonial shopfronts lining the riverside. Make a sobering visit to Phnom Sampeau and stop off at the peaceful temples of Wat Banan.

Days 5-7 Siem Reap/Angkor Wat

Rise early from Siem Reap to see a spectacular sunrise over Angkor Wat and enjoy a day of temple-hopping. The temples of Angkor are an amazing archaeological sight and are sure to captivate.

Day 8 Kompong Cham

Experience the serenity of small-town Cambodia in the Kompong Cham province before getting up close to rural life on a bicycle ride around a nearby island.

Days 9-10 Kampot

Renowned for its pungent durian fruit, riverside Kampot is a wonderful place to relax. Venture into the Cambodian countryside for a tour through salt flats, rice fields, pepper plantations and the famous Phnom Chhnork caves. Stop by villages along the way to meet the locals and witness their daily lives.

Days 11-13 Sihanoukville

For some beachside bliss in Cambodia, Sihanoukville provides the perfect location. Take a boat out to a nearby island to relax among swaying palms, white sands and clear, blue waters.

Days 14-15 Phnom Penh

Back in Phnom Penh, go in search of shade and some silver jewellery at the Russian Market or see if the blue flag is flying outside the Royal Palace - it's a sign the king is

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