Classic Polar Bears

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This is an extraordinary adventure to see polar bears. Seeing these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat is an amazing experience, as you watch the males play-fighting, youngsters playing and all in the beautiful surroundings of Hudson Bay. You will view the bears from the comfort of a specially-designed tundra vehicle, with a space guaranteed for each person by the window, in order to maximise viewings and photographic opportunities. Youâll also be in the company of expert naturalist guides, who will enhance your trip by taking you close to the bears and telling you all about their habits, actions and personalities. Join us on this adventure of a lifetime!


Day 1 Winnipeg

Arrive in the capital of Manitoba to start this once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Day 2 Churchill

Fly to Churchill, the 'Polar Bear Capital of the World'. During the annual migration in October and November, the polar bears move from inland towards the Cape Churchill area. As the town of Churchill lies right in the migratory path, there'll be many opportunities to spot these extraordinary creatures. Head out in a tundra vehicle for a unique chance to view the polar bears. Spend the night back in Churchill.

Days 3-4 Churchill/Tundra

Spend two full days observing the bears from a purpose-built tundra vehicle with an experienced expedition leader. Watch as the young adult males play-fight, solitary adult males lumber across the tundra and mothers spend time with their cubs. The interaction between the bears is fascinating to see. These magnificent animals weigh an average of 300 kg for females, and 600 kg for males. With their acute sense of smell, they are accomplished hunters that can pick up a scent 32 km away and locate a seal under one metre of snow or ice. They have no natural enemies, and consequently, they have no fear. In the evenings enjoy fascinating presentations on native wildlife and local cultures.

Days 5-6 Winnipeg

With a free morning in Churchill there's many optional activities to choose from. Take a scenic helicopter ride over this impressive landscape, embark on a dog-sledding excursion or stroll through the world-famous Eskimo Museum. Catch a flight back to Winnipeg for a final night here before saying farewell to an unforgettable trip.

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