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From the historical streets of Havana to the pristine shores of the Caribbean, stroll through World Heritage cities, relive a fascinating colonial history and experience the rich heritage of music and dance that Cuba is renowned for. Prepare to be wowed as you discover Baracoa´s mountainous surrounds, visit the birthplace of salsa and admire Trinidad´s unrivaled ambience on this two-week adventure. From historic cars to fragrant cigars and with plenty of rum and rumba in between, this adventure will take you into the heart of all things Cuban.


Day 1 Havana

Swinging to the beat of the rumba, Havana is unlike any other capital in the world. Wander through crumbling boulevards and plazas to revel in the charm of this vibrant city. Be sure to try a Coppelia icecream - the lines are worth it - and don't miss a stroll along the Malecon at sunset.

Days 2-4 Baracoa

Board a flight bound for Baracoa. Climb over the old forts - built to withstand pirate raids - or explore the mountains and black sand beaches. In town, seek out the Torcedores to see cigar rolling in action. Pick up some basic Spanish during an informal Spanish lesson. These new-found language skills are sure to come in handy during a fun salsa lesson the following day.

Days 5-6 Santiago de Cuba

This historical city played a pivotal role in the Cuban Revolution - but it is better known for its smooth tunes. Set between the indomitable Sierra Maestra and the azure Caribbean, this Cuban city's historical centre retains a time-worn air ideal for photographers. After a day of sightseeing, stay out all night dancing to the Latin rhythms of Cuba's sexy salsa in the city that gave birth to the dance. During the day, explore the city's wealth of museums and admire its colonial architecture.

Days 7-8 Camaguey

There is a lot of fun to be had getting lost among the winding streets of Camaguey. Find a cafe for a drink and enjoy the city views or visit the busy farmers' market.

Days 9-11 Trinidad

Home to Spanish-style churches and great museums, Trinidad is also the gateway to the Valle de los Ingenios, where sugar cane plantations pan out across the land. Playa Ancon is close by and there's plenty of time to relax on its long, unspoilt beaches. Make an optional visit to a folklore dance and music show to see mambo, cha-cha-cha and rumba intertwined with Afro-Cuban religious ceremonies.

Day 12 Cienfuegos

Journey to Cienfuegos, known as the 'Pearl of the South'. Stop by the Palacio del Valle, the architectural pride of Cienfuegos, and soak up the relaxed vibe of this town.

Days 13-15 Havana

Call into the Monumento Ernesto Che Guevara to learn about this much-loved revolutionary's extraordinary life before returning to Havana. Back in the Cuban capital, enjoy an orientation walk around historic Habana Veija (Old Havana) before bidding adios.

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