Grand Cuba

Discover the old and new faces of Cuba on an adventure through the country´s vibrant towns, vast plantations, tumbling waterfalls and idyllic beaches. From the elegant streets of Havana to the colourful clubs of Trinidad, sip rum with the locals, practice your best salsa moves and discover the welcoming spirit of this island nation. With opportunities to dive at a pristine black coral reef, discover the legend of Che Guevara and explore the caves surrounding Vinales, this adventure is sure to leave you captivated by Cuba´s beauty, rhythm and spirit.


Day 1 Havana

Welcome to the Cuban capital, Havana. Stroll sweeping boulevards and elegant plazas, meet friendly locals and experience the energetic nightlife. Be sure to embrace Cuban cuisine and check out the Museo de la Revolucion.

Days 2-4 Baracoa

Travel to Baracoa, Cuba's beautiful bayside town set against a backdrop of mountains. Only accessible by sea until 1960, these Cuban mountains, crystal clear rivers, waterfalls and beaches are just waiting to be explored. Enjoy informal Spanish and salsa lessons.

Days 5-6 Santiago de Cuba

Flaunt salsa moves in the city that invented the dance or perhaps visit the dynamic museums and colonial churches of this Cuban gem.

Days 9-11 Trinidad

Cuba's colourful Trinidad is the gateway to the long, picture-perfect beaches of Playa Ancon.

Day 12 Cienfuegos

Discover the architectural wonders of Cienfuegos.

Days 13-15 Havana

On the way back to Havana, call into Santa Clara and visit the Che Guevara Mausoleum and memorial. Learn about this famous revolutionary's amazing life and see his famous black beret. In Havana, explore the Old Town on foot then stroll along the Malecon.

Days 16-18 Soroa/Vinales

On the way to rural Vinales, call into Soroa for lunch and an optional visit to the beautiful orchid garden. In Vinales, explore caves or hike through the limestone hills.

Days 19-20 Maria La Gorda

Cuba's home of pirate tales, old cannons and legendary buried treasure. Nearby, the clear waters of the Caribbean beckon. Dive in and discover a world of black coral and colourful fish.

Days 21-22 Havana

Enjoy a final night in heady Havana - show off your newly-acquired salsa moves and sip Cuba libres in one of the many lively bars or clubs.

Days 7-8 Camaguey

Visit a farmers market or explore Camaguey's winding streets, planned in a deliberately confusing pattern in order to disorient pirates.

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