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Uncover the best of the Galapagos as you travel through Ecuador´s idyllic islands by boat. Leaving the capital behind, you will discover a world like no other, complete with beautiful and bizarre creatures unique to the region. Accompanied by a local guide, trace Charles Darwin's evolutionary theories, spend time swimming and snorkelling in the breathtaking underwater world, watch the colourful rituals of the local birdlife and have an experience like no other.


Day 1 Quito/Isla Baltra/Bachas

Depart Quito for Isla Baltra, your gateway to the Galapagos Islands. From here, head to Bachas Beach and dive straight into the dazzling diversity of the Galapagos' underwater world. Embark on a snorkelling adventure and explore these remarkable waters that hold a wealth of magnificent marine life, from bright and brilliant fish to slow and steady turtles.

Day 2 Isla Plazas/Isla Santa Fe

With the help of a knowledgeable naturalist guide, spot iguanas, sea lions and swallow-tailed gulls on Isla Plazas. Don a snorkel and flippers and dive into Santa Fe Bay, a haven for exotic colourful fish, playful sea lions and a host of other marine beauties.

Day 3 Isla Espanola

Chill out on the beautiful white sands around Gardner Bay and Islet. Travel to Punta Suarez, a rocky point on Isla Espanola sustaining an impressive colony of sea birds. Witness a blowhole channel the power of the sea with exciting bursts of water.

Day 4 Isla Floreana/Isla Santa Cruz

Glimpse colourful crabs scuttling along the green beach on Punta Cormorant. For a history lesson, visit Post Office Bay on the coast of Isla Floreana, home to a special maritime post box - a true relic of a bygone era. If you see an unstamped letter addressed to a fellow city-dweller, why not help out and deliver it back home? Instant karma! Go snorkelling at the Devil's Crown, before spending the night at Puerto Ayora on Isla Santa Cruz.

Day 5 Quito

After breakfast, return to dry land for a brief flight to the mainland. Get reacquainted with the vibrant city of Quito before heading home with unforgettable memories.

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