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Be captivated by the faded glory of ancient civilsations on this journey that uncovers the wonders of Egypt and Libya. Starting with the enigmatic ruins of ancient Egypt, watch history unfold in Alexandria and at the archaeological sites of Cyrene, Apollonia, Leptis Magna and Sabratha. Discover antiquities in museums, relax in the tranquility of an isolated oasis and embark on a camping expedition through golden desert dunes. Learn about legends, battles and religious rites from local guides who help to unravel the mysteries of ancient civilisations. This is a trip that requires a spirit of adventure and a sense of curiosity - hop on board this journey of discovery!


Day 1 Cairo

Arrive in Egypt's chaotic capital and head for a guided tour of some of the most iconic sights in the world. The Pyramids of Giza and Saqqara cemetery are unforgettable archaeological gems.

Days 2-3 Alexandria

Spend time soaking up the coastal charm of Alexandria.

Days 4-5 Siwa

Relax in the lush surrounds of Siwa, located in the heart of the Western Desert - this is one of the most isolated towns in the world.

Day 6 Bush Camp

Journey through the desert and camp under a starry night sky.

Days 7-8 Shahat

Visit the ancient ruins of Cyrene and Apollonia. With the help of a guide, explore the temples, palaces and baths of these sites.

Days 9-10 Bush Camp

Enjoy two nights of camping.

Days 11-14 Tekerkiba/Desert Camp

Embark on an epic journey through the desert in a 4x4 to spend the night sleeping under the stars.

Day 15 Sebha

Relax in the city of Sebha.

Day 16 Bush Camp

Camp overnight in bushland.

Days 17-18 Ghadames

Walk through the old city of Ghadames and admire ornate mosques, gardens and covered alleyways. A visit to a museum reveals how the people of Ghadames once lived.

Days 20-21 Tripoli

Travel to the capital of Libya and visit the ancient ruins of Sabratha, home to impressive mosaics and stunning coastal views. In free time, relax in the laidback Mediterranean vibe of this cosmopolitan city.

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