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Discover the many charms of Europe on this enriching adventure. Travel through some of Europe's most stylish capitals and be wowed by some of the world's biggest fjords. Along the way uncover a Viking past, learn of a maritime heritage and be immersed in vibrant art and classic architecture. Whether it's walking along charming streets in Bergen, sailing through vast fjords or indulging in the delights of modern cities, you'll undoubtedly be left with a multitude of picturesque memories from this once-in-a-lifetime European adventure packed with cultural gems, historic sights and outdoor pursuits.


Day 1 Oslo

Arriving early? Head to the National Gallery of Art to glimpse Edvard Munch's famous painting, The Scream, or discover a Viking past at one of Oslo's many museums.

Days 2-3 Bergen

Be dazzled by spectacular countryside on the way to charming Bergen.

Days 4-5 Norwegian Fjords

Be left breathless by the magnificent Sognefjord - one of the largest fjords in the world.

Days 6-7 Lillehammer

Visit the Norwegian Olympic Museum or take to the mountains for a rewarding hike.

Day 8 Karlstad

Cross the border and head to one of its sunniest places in Sweden, Karlstad.

Days 9-10 Stockholm

Get acquainted with the capital on an orientation walk. Wander through the Vasa Museum and perhaps enjoy a day trip to Uppsala.

Days 11-13 Aland Islands

Enjoy a scenic ferry ride to the Aland Islands, then hit cycling trails on an island tour.

Days 14-15 Helsinki

After an overnight ferry ride, arrive into Finland's stylish capital.

Days 16-17 Tallinn

Catch a ferry across the Gulf of Finland to Estonia's charming capital. There's time to see the impressive Kadriorg Palace and to explore the quaint Old Town.

Days 18-19 Riga

Resting on the shores of the Daugava River, Latvia's capital is renowned for its welcoming locals. Visit the Latvian Ethnographic Open-Air Museum before hunting down a bargain at the Central Market.

Days 20-21 Curonian Spit

Travel to the former Prussian capital of Klaipeda, then take a day trip to the Curonian Spit National Park, a playground for outdoor enthusiasts.

Days 22-23 Vilnius

Experience the cosmopolitan charm of Lithuania's capital, which has been occupied by several European powers, each leaving their mark. Visit Cathedral Square and see the imposing Gediminas Tower on a walk around the city. Take a day trip to Trakai to learn about the Karaim people.

Days 24-25 Aukstaitija National Park

Hike and canoe through lush forest to appreciate the natural wonders of this delightful national park. Visit traditional medieval villages and learn about Lithuania's ancient beekeeping industry.

Days 26-27 Warsaw

See a city rebuilt from rubble after World War II on a walk through the Old Town and perhaps experience its rich culture with a trip to a unique puppet theatre.

Days 28-29 Berlin

Uncover the tumultuous history of this creative and cosmopolitan city, then experience its modern side - perhaps head out to join locals at a heaving nightclub to celebrate the end of the adventure.

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