Simien Mountains (Ethiopia)

Challenge yourself to conquer Ethiopia's Simien Mountains on a trekking tour through a country and culture barely touched by time. Absorb the heady aroma of a thousand spices in Addis Ababa before adventuring through the rugged mountain wilderness. On the way to Ras Dashen, the roof of Ethiopia, spot troops of Gelada Baboons amongst immense canyons and bizarre rock formations. Camp with local guides as you experience this incredible, remote corner of the world.


Day 1 Addis Ababa

The adventure kicks off in EthiopiaÂ’s busy capital. Visit the fascinating National Archaeological Museum and inhale the scent of eucalyptus on a trip to Mt Entoto.

Day 2 Gonder

Delve into the history of this former imperial capital. Discover how bees saved the Debre Berhan Selassie Church and see the ruined palace of Queen Mentowab.

Day 3 Sankaber

Enter the Simien Mountains National Park and follow narrow tracks along an escarpment to Sankaber.

Days 4-5 Geech Camp

See the incredible Jinbar Waterfall on the climb to Geech. Camp down for the night before the early trek to the promontory of Imet Gogo. .

Day 6 Chenek

Scramble through grasslands, cross the source of the Jinbar River and scale to the summit of Inatye. Descend the dramatic valleys into Chenek.

Days 7-8 Ambiko

Trek across the Bwahit Pass to Chiro Leba, then climb to the village of Ambiko. A pre-dawn ascent to the summit of Ras Dashen, the highest point in Ethiopia, is an optional challenge.

Day 9 Sona

From the River Meshesha, travel through undulating fields and past villages to arrive at Arkwasiye. Stay overnight at a camp perched on the edge of a deep ravine.

Day 10 Mekarebya

Zigzag down the ravine to meet the Ansiya River. Enjoy a long, lazy lunch and a dip in the river, then continue to the campsite at Mekarebya. .

Day 11 Mulit

Traverse the rugged Ansiya Valley and through the remote village of Hawaza to the campsite at Mulit.

Day 12 Gonder

Rest weary legs on the drive back to Gonder.

Day 13-14 Addis Ababa

Return to Addis Ababa and farewell this diverse country.

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