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Discover the many charms and delights of Scandinavia on this two-week adventure through Norway, Sweden and Finland. Travel through some of Europe's most stylish capitals and be wowed by some of the world's biggest fjords. Along the way uncover a Viking past, learn of a maritime heritage and get swept up in Olympic fever. Whether it's walking along charming streets in Bergen, sailing through vast fjords or cycling around idyllic islands, you'll undoubtedly be left with a multitude of picturesque memories from this once-in-a-lifetime Scandinavian adventure.


Day 1 Oslo

Arriving early? Head to the National Gallery of Art to glimpse Edvard Munch's famous painting, The Scream, or discover a Viking past at one of Oslo's many museums.

Days 2-3 Bergen

Soak up spectacular countryside on the way to Bergen.

Days 4-5 Norwegian Fjords

Be left breathless by the magnificent Sognefjord - the largest fjord on the planet.

Days 6-7 Lillehammer

Visit the Norwegian Olympic Museum or take to the mountains for a hike.

Day 8 Karlstad

Cross the border and head to one of Sweden's sunniest places, Karlstad.

Days 9-10 Stockholm

Get acquainted with the capital on a walk. Wander through the Vasa Museum and perhaps enjoy a day trip to Uppsala.

Days 11-13 Aland Islands

Board a ferry to the Aland Islands, then hit cycling trails on an island tour.

Days 14-15 Helsinki

After an overnight ferry journey, arrive into Finland's stylish capital.

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