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This trip provides an unparalleled opportunity to view European brown bears in the Finnish wilderness, through the unique vantage point of hides deep in the forest. Among its forests and lakes, Finland is home to some 900 brown bears, as well as 200 wolves and 100,000 moose! This adventure has been specially designed to experience the purity and tranquillity of the northern forests and hopefully to have excellent sightings of bears, wolves, moose and other animals and birds. Youâll be accompanied throughout by expert guides, who will talk about the wilderness youâre in as well as using their skills to find bears. This will be an unforgettable experience all round!


Days 1-3 Boreal Wildlife Centre

Set off on a once in a lifetime trip, spotting brown bears in the heart of the Finnish wilderness. Learn about nature in this region on guided walks through the reserve. Spend evenings watching for wolf, wolverine, the golden eagle and, of course, brown bears.

Days 4-8 Martinselkonen Wilds Centre

Learn about the forest animals at the Petola Visitor Centre , then transfer to the Martinselkonen Wildlife Centre, looking out for reindeer en route. Spend evenings in a remote bear hide, a camouflaged shelter designed to view wildlife up close, and keep a lookout for these magnificent creatures. Bears have been known to come as close as 10 metres to the hide - this will be an unforgettable experience. Enjoy morning bird-spotting walks and maybe see the rare Siberian jay. Spend an evening in a moose hide, keeping eyes peeled for these elusive animals.

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