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Join this adventure from romantic Paris to cosmopolitan Barcelona and be captivated by the culture and history of France and Spain. Visit castles, cycle through the Loire Valley and hike in the majestic mountains of the Pyrenees. Peruse paintings, admire Gaudi's quirky architecture and marvel at an illustrious Moorish past in Spanish byways and boulevards before partying the night away. This trip will make sure you come away with the best memories of two of Europe's most-visited countries.


Day 1 Paris

Mingle with chic Parisians in the Marais or stroll the banks of the Seine.

Days 2-3 Tours

Enjoy a bike ride in the Loire Valley, then visit VillandryÂ’s chateau.

Day 4 Bordeaux

Stroll along elegant boulevards or try a drop of the local wine in Bordeaux.

Days 5-7 Dordogne Region

Explore this fairytale land of castles, patchwork hills and foie gras.

Days 8-9 Pyrenees

Trek through rugged mountain landscapes in this scenic region.

Days 10-11 San Sebastian

Cross the border into SpainÂ’s Basque Country. Climb Mt Urgull then perhaps sample pintxos in the Parte Vieja.

Days 12-13 Segovia

Walk through the ridge-top Old Town and see the turrets of the Alcazar.

Days 14-16 Madrid/Toledo

Discover fashionable Spain in the countryÂ’s capital and a glorious imperial past in the medieval streets of Toledo.

Day 17 Cordoba

Be captivated by the striking Mezquita and perhaps slurp some salmorejo - a traditional cold soup.

Days 18-19 Seville

Be caught up in the emotion of a fiery performance of Flamenco.

Days 20-21 Costa de la Luz

Relax on beaches in Costa de la Luz before an optional visit to the Rock of Gibraltar.

Days 22-23 Ronda

View the spectacular Puente Nuevo, spanning the 120m deep canyon between the two sides of this town.

Days 24-25 Granada

Inspect the exquisite Islamic architecture of the Alhambra and see sunset from the Mirador de San Nicolas.

Days 26-27 Valencia

Visit the cathedral that claims to house the Holy Grail.

Days 28-29 Barcelona

See Gaudi's bizarre La Sagrada Familia, then enjoy free time getting lost among the streets in the Gothic quarter.

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