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Put your finger on the pulse of Europe's beating heart on this journey through Italy, Switzerland and France. From historical and natural wonders, through to high fashion and traditional folklore, fall under the spells cast by time, culture and nature. Wander through the charming hillside villages of the Cinque Terre, get close to nature amidst the grandeur of the Alps and fall in love in romantic Paris - each day brings a fascinating new discovery.


Day 1 Rome

Between exploring the Colosseum, marvelling at the gilded tombs of St Peter's Basilica and wandering through atmospheric piazzas, travellers will be enchanted by the Eternal City.

Days 2-5 Lucca/Pisa/Florence

See the landscape transform from Romanesque cities to rolling hills and olive groves on a train journey to Tuscany. Cycle alongside the scenic Serchio River, glimpse Michelangelo's David in Florence, marvel at the Leaning Tower of Pisa, then head back to cosy apartments in lovely Lucca.

Days 6-7 Cinque Terre

Weave through the charming hillside villages of the Cinque Terre, taking the stunning coastal path high above the sea. Perhaps even cool off with a dip in the blue waters below.

Days 8-9 Milan/Stresa

Stroll through the ever-fashionable Milan and marvel at its magnificent Duomo. Travel by train to pristine Stresa, which boasts magnificent views of the Alps. Board a ferry and head out to explore the beautiful Borromean Islands - perhaps take in the hanging gardens of the romantic palatial residence on the shores of serene Lake Maggiore.

Days 10-11 Lucerne

Discover the idyllic surrounds of Switzerland's historic heart. Cruise placid Lake Lucerne, learn the story behind the emotive Lion Monument or take a ride on the world's steepest cogwheel railway to the summit of Mt Pilatus.

Days 12-14 Swiss Alps

View the spectacular Trummelbach Falls while taking in crisp alpine air. Be sure to try traditional Swiss treats such as fondue and rosti. Perhaps head to the peak of the Schilthorn for a James Bond experience.

Days 15-16 Bern/Dijon/Beaune

Embark on an odyssey of indulgence in a region renowned for its boeuf bourguignon and mustard. A day trip to Beaune, where Burgundy's best wines are produced, is a tempting introduction to the Cote d'Or.

Days 17-18 Reims

Raise a glass to a city renowned for its bubbles and royal ties. Visit champagne caves for an insight into the drink's effervescent magic.

Days 19-21 Paris

Stroll along the Seine and be enchanted by the city that has inspired artists and lovers throughout the ages. There is plenty of time to explore, so wander the art-filled corridors of the Louvre or visit the Sacre Coeur in vibrant Montmartre. Indulge in fine French cuisine before saying 'au revoir' to this romantic destination.

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