Santorini to Athens

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Rich in natural beauty and shrouded in myths and legends, the Greek Islands may just be the Gods' gift to mortals. This eight-day island jaunt covers three of the Cyclades group. From sunning on the black sandy beach of Santorini and partying with locals in Ios, to hiking through medieval mountain villages in Naxos and exploring the 'birthplace of Western civilisation' in Athens - opportunities to discover old and new Greece are plentiful.


Day 1 Santorini

Arrive early to soak up the sun while basking on the black-sand beaches or to cool off with a refreshing swim in the azure Aegean waters. Do as the locals do and hire a scooter to explore the island further - visit the ruins of ancient Thira and Akrotiri or find a quiet spot and enjoy sweeping views over the caldera.

Days 2-3 Ios

Follow narrow streets through town to remote, sandy beaches and make the trip up to Panagia Gremiotissa - marked by windmills and a lone palm. Visit Byzantine churches and try a sip of ouzo with locals among the whitewashed buildings in Hora. Feast on delicious fresh seafood, then head to the bars to experience the islandÂ’s famed nightlife.

Days 4-6 Naxos

Discover rich mythical and archaeological history on a hike around Naxos, an island shrouded in racy romantic tales of misbehaving gods. Visit the temple of Apollo, the ruins of a Greek castle and a liqueur distillery. Take time to enjoy the tavernas and bakeries in the medieval castle area, then perhaps take a swim in the warm waters before ending the day with a glass of Naxos wine - reputed to be the antidote for a broken heart.

Days 7-8 Athens

Named after the goddess of wisdom, insights into ancient Athens are evident around every corner. Get aerial views of the city from the Parthenon, take a walk past the Temple of Olympian Zeus or simply sit back in the streets below the Acropolis and reflect on the city’s status as the ‘Birthplace of Western Civilisation’. Perhaps enjoy a final group dinner and make a toast to the conclusion of this grand Greek Island adventure.

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