Nepal and India Overland

Journey through the amazing lands of Nepal and India, taking in the colourful cultures, impressive icons and stunning sights along the way. Experience the very best of these two countries - from the busy cities filled with animated people, crowded bazaars and commercial enterprise, to the small, remote villages where a slow-paced rural life endures. Be awed by the immense beauty of the Taj Mahal, the warm glow of a Goan sunset and the displays of faith around every corner in Varanasi. Escape the heat in the cool climate of Darjeeling plantations, cruise the waters of Kerala, try to spot tigers and elephants in national parks and embark on an exciting safari into the desert. Mix with local children, pilgrims, market traders, tribal people and farmers and see the heart and soul of India and Nepal in these proud people. This adventure delivers many moments of breathtaking beauty and thrilling adventure - don't miss the chance to see the very best of Nepal and India.


Day 1 Kathmandu

Visit Nepal's capital, Kathmandu, and soak up its rich atmosphere. Perhaps sit on the steps in Durbar Square to see Nepali life swirl past or head out to visit the temples of Pashupatinath and Bodhnath.

Days 2-3 Royal Chitwan National Park

After the bustle and crush of Kathmandu, travel down to the jungle lowlands for a touch of peace and quiet. Visit the local elephants and seek out rare wildlife in the Royal Chitwan National Park.

Days 5-6 Varanasi

Set on the banks of the sacred River Ganges, Varanasi is awash with sights and sounds to overwhelm the senses. Learn the different uses of the Ghats - both spiritual and secular.

Days 7-8 Bandhavgarh National Park

Stop in at the erotic temples of Khajuraho then visit a second national park - this one is famous for its tiger population. Take a safari and keep an eye out for the big cats - as well as deer, hyenas and porcupines.

Days 9-10 Khajuraho

Khajuraho was once the capital of the Chandella Kings who built the magnificent Hindu and Jain temples here around 1000 AD. Considered to be 'one of the seven wonders of India', the temples are in three geographic groups: western, eastern and southern. Because they were built in quite a remote and inaccessible location, the western group of temples have been almost perfectly preserved.

Days 11-12 Agra

Home to the glorious Taj Mahal, Agra also boasts the sprawling Red Fort. Take a rickshaw ride to these impressive monuments.

Days 13-14 Jaipur

Experience the eerie desolation of Fatehpur Sikri and explore the amazing palaces of the renowned 'pink city'.

Days 15-16 Delhi

The journey concludes in Delhi - a metropolis crammed with the magic and mystery of a million stories. Dive into the chaos and perhaps celebrate the adventure with a Kingfisher beer.

Day 17 Bikaner

Travel into the sandy landscapes of Rajasthan and dare to brave the interior of the Karni Mata Temple, where the very large rat population is revered.

Days 18-20 Jaisalmer/Camel Safari

Explore the Thar Desert outside Jaisalmer from high atop a camel and perhaps even sleep out among the dunes. Visit the Jaisalmer Fort and marvel at the huge city walls.

Day 23 Pushkar

World famous for its huge camel fair, Pushkar is a fascinating place to visit at any time of the year. Perhaps explore the main bazaar or soak up the serene spirituality of the many temples.

Days 24-25 Udaipur

An essence of romance is imbued in every stone of Udaipur and a walk through the old town brings a surprise with every corner. Walk the shores of Udaipur's Lake Pichola, look up at the towering City Palace and enjoy an evening Haveli cultural performance.

Day 26 Ratlam

Experience Indian rural life on an overnight camping expedition in the countryside.

Day 27 Mandu

Once known as the 'city of joy' and dating back to the 14th century, the hilltop fort of Mandu is an evocative and slightly eerie place to explore.

Days 28-29 Ajanta/Ellora

The tour continues to the caves at Ajanta and Ellora. Discover these remarkable, ancient complexes which feature beautifully decorated paintings and sculptures.

Days 30-31 Mumbai

Home to massive bazaars and the lights of Bollywood, Mumbai has a wealth of things to sample, taste, try and buy - and plenty of top notch sightseeing. Set off to explore this quintessential Indian city and mark the conclusion of the trip with a hot curry and cold beer.

Days 63-64 Puri

One of the holiest places in India, pious Puri is best known for its pilgrims and long sandy beaches. Experience both sides of this important Hindu city by visiting the Konark Sun Temple before relaxing on a golden beach.

Days 75-77 Gangtok

Considered to be one of the last Himalayan Shangri-las, Gangtok is packed with monasteries and temples to explore. Visit a centre for Tibetan Buddhism or take a stroll through an orchid sanctuary.

Day 78 Siliguri

Return to Siliguri and camp overnight at the Ganga Ram Tea Plantation.

Days 81-82 Kathmandu

Complete your India to Nepal adventure in cultured Kathmandu. Search hole-in-the-wall shops for souvenirs or trek to a nearby lookout for spectacular views of the Himalayas.

Day 4 Sonauli

Spend a morning seeking out Chitwan's shy and rare one-horned rhino on a jungle walk or jeep safari then travel to the Nepal-Indian border.

Days 21-22 Jodhpur

The mighty Mehrangarh Fort dominates Rajasthan's second largest city. Climb the ramparts and look down over the quirky blue city of Jodhpur.

Days 32-33 North Goa

With palm-fringed beaches and Portuguese-influenced towns, Goa offers options for both exploration and relaxation. Hang out on the sand, taste a fiery fish curry or roam the local markets.

Days 34-35 South Goa

Travelling south, stop by the historical city of Old Goa, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and be amazed by this 15 century city that was eventually abandoned due to Plague. Spend the next few days relaxing on the beach or exploring the restaurants and bars of Palomen

Days 36-37 Hampi

Explore the impressive ruins of the old Vijayanagara Empire, some of the most striking ruins in the world. Hampi is smack bang in the middle of these ruins and is a fascinating place to spend time in.

Day 38 Bush Camp

Leave behind the ruins of Hampi and make the journey to Mysore, setting up camp en route.

Days 39-40 Mysore

Breathe in the scent of sandalwood with a visit to the Maharaja's Palace of Mysore. Count out 1,000 steps on the climb up Chamundi Hill.

Days 41-42 Wayanad District

Explore the tea and coffee plantations and surrounding hills of the Wayanad District.

Days 43-44 Kochi

Imagine an unlikely blend of India, Portugal and an English country village and come up with delightful Kochi. Catch a kathakali dance performance and take a local boat tour.

Day 45 Kerala Backwaters

Cruise the canals, stop for chai and visit the markets of Alleppey.

Days 46-48 Varkala

Unwind another notch with a beach break in Varkala. Soak up the sun, play in the surf and taste the local tropical fruits.

Day 49 Madurai

Stand on the southernmost tip of India then shop up a spice-scented storm in the streets and shops of Madurai.

Day 50 Trichy

Explore the amazing stretches of the largest temple complex in India, Sri Ranganathaswamy.

Days 51-52 Pondicherry

Feel like you've left India and wandered into Europe in the French-style city of Pondicherry.

Day 53 Mamallapuram

Visit the shore temples in laidback Mamallapuram.

Day 54 Chennai

Begin your Overland tour of India in historic Chennai, the site of the original British East India company settlement. Chennai is hot, humid but full of life - admire the colonial architecture and soak up the atmosphere of this frenzied city.

Day 55 Tirupathi

Travel to the town of Tirupathi and follow a trail of pilgrims to the Sri Venkatesvara Temple. This revered Hindu temple sits high above the town on the holy site of Tirumala.

Days 56-57 Bush Camp

Head off the beaten track and into the heart of rural India. Travel Overland through the remote state of Andhra Pradesh, spending the night camping in the countryside.

Day 58 Jeypore

Roll into bustling Jeypore and marvel at its collection of forts, temples and palaces. Visit Jeypores' natural delights, including lush forests, waterfalls and caves.

Days 59-62 Orissa Tribal Area

Explore the villages, markets and milieus of the Orissa Tribal Area with a local guide. Meet the intriguing Bonda people and learn about the unique spiritual beliefs of the Pajara tribe. Home to more than 60 different communities, these remote hinterlands provide a fascinating insight into India's tribal heritage.

Day 65 West Bengal Bush Camp

Cruise past West Bengal's temples and towns before camping under the stars.

Days 66-67 Kolkata

Complete your journey from Chennai to Kolkata by soaking up this vibrant city. See the Howrah Bridge, take a ride on a tram or check out some of India's finest art galleries - your Overland tour of India is now complete.

Day 68 Bush Camp

Admire the Indian countryside and cross the holy Ganges on the way to Sikkim.

Day 69 Siliguri

Reach the foothills of the Himalayas and camp at the Ganga Ram Tea Plantation.

Days 70-71 Darjeeling

Explore the picturesque streets of Darjeeling, a collection of mountain villages linked by steps and lanes. Surrounded by colourful terraces of rice, tea, quinine and fruit trees, this town offers some truly stunning views.

Days 72-74 Karmi Farm

Gain a fascinating insight into the lives of Indian hill farmers by staying at the Karmi Farm tea plantation. This atmospheric and scenic spot is the ideal place for a bit of rest and relaxation. For those feeling energetic, take a trek to the surrounding foothills and spot local birdlife.

Day 79 Bush Camp

Cross the border into Nepal, spend a night camping in the shadow of snow-capped Himalayan mountains.

Day 80 Khatauti Khola

Pass rice terraces, deep gorges, pounding rivers and the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas en route to Khatauti Khola. Those feeling adventurous might want to try their hand at white-water rafting.

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