Darjeeling & the Eastern Horizons

Prepare to unravel the natural beauty, hidden gems and cultural treasures of India and Nepal. Experience the contrasts of these lands by venturing into the remote tribes of Orissa, experiencing the urban energy of Kolkata, escaping the heat of the plains in lush Darjeeling and soaking up the pastoral serenity of rural villages. Be immersed in the spirituality of temples, shrines and holy places, taste fiery cuisines, mingle with friendly locals, camp in the arms of nature and be enriched by the simplicity of life in India and Nepal on this amazing journey.


Day 1 Chennai

Namaste - welcome to India! Begin the adventure by roaming the culturally diverse streets of Chennai.

Days 2-5 Tirupathi/Bush Camp

Visit temples and mix with pilgrims in the small town of Tirupathi and enjoy bush camp off the beaten track.

Days 6-9 Orissa

Traverse the remote tribal hinterlands of Orissa. Camp under the stars and visit tiny villages for a slice of rural life.

Days 10-11 Puri

One of the holiest cities in India, Puri is home magnificent temples, shrines and a long sandy beach.

Days 12-14 Kolkata

Known locally as the intellectual and cultural capital of India, Kolkata is a metropolis that constantly confounds the senses. Visit a local foundation that helps the disadvantaged and laugh with the lively children.

Day 15 Sultanganj

Prepare for a day on the move, driving across the Ganes before making bush camp near Sultanganj.

Days 16-17 Siliguri

Journey to the foothills of the Himalayas and spend the night in a local lodge.

Days 18-19 Darjeeling

With rolling green hills and a temperate climate, Darjeeling is wonderful place to explore on foot.

Days 20-21 Karmi Farm

Travel by jeep to a remote tea plantation and enjoy bird-watching, trekking or yoga.

Days 22-24 Gangtok

A haven for Tibetan Buddhists, Gangtok sprawls down a mountain ridge. Visit the monastery at Rumtek and perhaps hike to the old gompa a little further down the road.

Day 25 Siliguri

Wind back down the switchback road to Siliguri.

Days 26-27 Khatauti Khola

Crossing into Nepal, journey through the fertile lands of the Terai and spend a relaxing night at an eco-camp.

Days 28-29 Kathmandu

Conclude the adventure amid the bustle and colour of Nepal's scenic capital.

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