Pappadams & Palm Trees - Reverse

This trip is the perfect combination of adventure and relaxation. For starters you've got Mumbai, India's most cosmopolitan city, we'll travel overland through the Western Ghats for a stay on the stunning beaches of Goa and head into the hills for a homestay in the tea and coffee plantations of Wayanad. Back on the coast we explore the lush waterways of Kerala's backwaters by boat, rounding the southernmost tip of India en route to the magnificent temples of Madurai. Finally, travelling through Tamil Nadu we pass through a part of the country many travellers never get to see before ending our Indian journey in the bustling city of Chennai.


Day 1 Mamallapuram/Chennai

Begin your adventure in Chennai before visiting the shore temples in laidback Mamallapuram.

Day 2 Pondicherry

Soak up the French atmosphere of 'Pondy' and seek out crepes as a change from curry.

Days 3-4 Trichy

Explore the amazing stretches of the largest temple complex in India.

Day 5 Madurai

Stand on the southernmost tip of India then shop up a spice-scented storm in the streets and shops of Madurai.

Days 6-8 Varkala

Unwind another notch with a beach break in Varkala. Soak up the sun, play in the surf and taste the local tropical fruits.

Day 9 Kerala Backwaters

Cruise the canals, stop for chai and visit the markets of Alleppey.

Days 10-12 Kochi

Imagine an unlikely blend of India, Portugal and an English country village and come up with delightful Kochi. Catch a kathakali dance performance and take a local boat tour.

Days 13-14 Wayanad District

Explore the tea and coffee plantations and surrounding hills of the Wayanad District.

Days 15-16 Mysore

Breathe in the scent of sandalwood with a visit to the Maharaja's Palace. Count out 1,000 steps on the climb up Chamundi Hill.

Days 17-18 Halebid

Stop in at India's highest waterfall then continue on to see the Hoysala temples with their intricate frescoes.

Days 19-21 Goa

With palm-fringed beaches and Portuguese-influenced towns, Goa offers options for both exploration and relaxation. Hang out on the sand, taste a fiery fish curry or roam the local markets.

Day 22 Rajapur

En route to the beaches of Goa, stop overnight in a small rural town.

Day 23-24 Mumbai

Justifiably known as a feast for the senses, Mumbai offers almost everything you could ever imagine and more. Cap off you adventure with a visit to the ghats and a stroll along Chowpatty Beach.

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