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Journey from Bangkok to Bali and have a wonderful introduction to the incredible diversity of the Malay Peninsula and Indonesian archipelago. Nature reserves, volcano sunrises, ecological farming and exotic cuisines - we pack it all in. Enjoy plenty of opportunities to get to know traditional cultures and meet local people as we wander through rice paddies, lush landscapes and ancient temples. For a unique blend of relaxation and adventure, this is a trip that simply can't be missed.


Days 1-2 Bangkok

Satisfy every shopping whim in Bangkok's many markets and malls.

Days 3-4 Khao Sok National Park

Enjoy a tropical jungle walk.

Days 5-7 Krabi

Swim, sail or snorkel on Krabi's idyllic shores.

Days 8-9 Penang

Chinese temples and colourful night markets offer a fascinating introduction to Malaysia.

Days 10-11 Kuala Lumpur

Climb 272 steps up to the Batu Caves or head out to Bangsar for a taste of KL nightlife.

Days 12-13 Melaka

Centuries of Chinese, Indian and European influences furnish Melaka with a wonderful old-world air.

Day 14 Singapore

Indulge in Singapore's smorgasbord of cuisines.

Day 15 Jakarta

Learn about Indonesia's history at the National Museum and Purna Bhakti Pertiwi.

Days 16-18 Pangandaran

Get close to local wildlife on a nature walk. Don't miss the sunset flight of the fruit bats.

Days 19-21 Yogyakarta

Welcome to the cultural heart of Java. Watch a dance performance, be impressed by the Hindu temples of Prambanan or visit Borobudur, the largest Buddhist temple in the world.

Day 22 Seloliman Nature Reserve

Get back to nature at a mountain retreat and learn about the local environment.

Day 23 Mt Bromo

Learn about the Javanese tradition of herbal medicine on an optional walk through the verdant gardens of the nature reserve.

Days 24-25 Lovina

Up before dawn, cross the spectacular Sea of Sand to climb Mt Bromo as the sun rises over East Java. In Lovina, on the north coast of Bali, take a boat out to see dolphins, snorkel or scuba dive along the reef, enjoy a banquet or visit a Buddhist monastery.

Day 26 Tirta Gangga

Spend free time swimming in the Raja's old stone pools or exploring the lush rice terraces that surround the village.

Days 27-29 Ubud

Cap off the adventure at a traditional Kecak dance.

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