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If you want a short trip packed with the diversity of southern Italy, then this is the adventure for you. Acquaint yourself with the 'Eternal City' of Rome and learn about the catastrophic fate of Pompeii. Soak up the sunshine in the coastal town of Sorrento and explore the beautiful Amalfi Coast. This trip offers the chance to delve into history, culture and cuisine and to live a little of la dolce vita.


Day 1 Rome

Walk beneath the ColosseumÂ’s arches, marvel at the mighty Pantheon or simply stroll through the piazzas that dot this ancient city. Between sipping espresso with fashionable locals, sharing ancient laneways with Vespas and being awestruck by the history around every corner, Rome is sure to charm and seduce. DonÂ’t forget to throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain and make a wish to return.

Days 2-3 Naples/Pompeii

Full of raucous passion, Naples abounds in history, culture and gastronomy. Enjoy a full afternoon here to explore the city. Discover original Pompeii artefacts in the National Archaeological Museum and succumb to the temptation of a slice of traditional Neapolitan pizza, then itÂ’s on to Pompeii to visit the famous ruins.

Days 4-5 Sorrento

Ascend the mighty Mt Vesuvius for magnificent views over the Bay of Naples, and the opportunity to see close-up the awesome power of the volcano that devastated the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum. Afterwards, itÂ’s on to the resort town of Sorrento, set invitingly on the cliffs above sparkling blue waters. In free time, try spotting celebrities on a day trip to Capri. Be sure to make time to visit the islandÂ’s beautiful Blue Grotto.

Days 6-8 Amalfi

Enjoy the rocky coastline, whitewashed villages, lemon groves and vine-covered terraces of the famed Amalfi Coast with a hike along its ancient trails. The walking is steep but the views are breathtaking. There is also plenty of time to relax on its lovely beaches or perhaps to toast the end of this short but sweet Italian adventure with a delicious limoncello.

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