Naples to Amalfi - 8 Day Self Guided Walk

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From the ancient stone streets of Pompeii to the stunning Amalfi Coast, this walking tour of Italy is a lesson in the true meaning of la dolce vita. Combining Italy's forte in art, culture and mouth-watering cuisine with its natural predisposition for breathtaking seascapes, your Vesuvius, Capri and the Amalfi Coast tour drops you right into the heart of Italian culture and history. Marvel at the brooding Mount Vesuvius from atop its summit, explore the unrivalled Amalfi coastline with its rugged sea cliffs and colourful villages and take a dip in the Bay of Naples' turquoise water. Prepare to be captivated on this unforgettable Italian adventure.


Days 1-2 Naples

This unforgettable Italian coastline adventure begins with a ride on the Circumvesuviana Railway, which wraps around mighty Vesuvius. Stretch legs and marvel at the incredible views while circling the summit on a winding staircase before exploring Herculaneum, an ancient city buried after the mountainÂ’s infamous eruption in AD79.

Day 3 Capri/Naples

Ferry across azure waters to gorgeous Capri, dotted with churches, vineyards and spectacular vistas of the Bay of Naples. Hike to the summit to admire Santa Maria a Cetrella - perched magnificently atop high cliffs - and soak up the stunning, picture-postcard views.

Day 4 Pompeii/Agerola

Explore PompeiiÂ’s astonishing ruins and be humbled by the cityÂ’s tragic demise. Walk along stone-laid streets and imagine Romans bustling about this once-thriving city. Travel onto Agerola for the night.

Days 5-7 Amalfi Coast/Agerola

Stride out along the magnificent Amalfi Coast, hiking past tiny chapels and hidden caves to reach spectacular panoramas. Descend through the Canyon di Furore before cooling off in the turquoise waters below. Hug the coast on a walk to delightful Amalfi. Perhaps visit the 13th-century Cloister of Paradise, or people-watch in the piazza. Admire the views across the Gulf of Salerno while walking to charming Ravello, home to the Villa Cimbrone. Enjoy a final walk along Amalfi’s famous ‘Path of the Gods’ - a spectacular hike that wraps around the coastline - before arriving into Positano.

Day 8 Naples

Return to Naples for a slice of ‘la vera pizza napolitana’.

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