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Home to sumo wrestling, sake, geishas, karaoke and traditional onsens, Japan is an extraordinary land. Here you can expect a frenetic pace one day and a tranquil experience the next. Take in the neon nightlife of Tokyo, relax in the manicured gardens of Nikko and discover thousands of years of culture and history in Hakone and Kyoto. From world-class sushi to legendary samurai, this enigmatic nation is a traveller´s delight. Get back to basics and see the best of Japan without busting your budget.


Days 1-2 Tokyo

From imperial gardens to towering skyscrapers, the sights are endless in this frenetic city. Enjoy free time to visit the world's biggest fish market, hit the shops in Shibuya or discover traditional Tokyo in Asakusa.

Days 3-5 Nikko

Stroll through forests of towering cedars that conceal splendid shrines and temples, remnants of the wealth and power of a warlord whose family ruled Japan for almost three centuries.

Days 6-7 Hakone

This panoramic mountainous area has some great walks, including the old Tokaido Highway. Hit the waters of Lake Ashino-ko on a boat ride and view breathtaking scenery on a cable car ride. Feeling brave? Why not soak in an outdoor onsen (sans clothing)?

Days 8-9 Kyoto

Featuring over 2,000 temples, shrines and gardens, Kyoto has a picture-postcard vista around every corner. Head out to Gion, the famous geisha district, to observe the traditional teahouses and to catch a glimpse of its elusive kimono-clad residents.

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