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Step into ancient lands rich in culture, heritage and history on this exotic journey through Syria and Jordan. Evidence of past civilisations can be found at every turn on this trip - from the ancient desert ruins of Palmyra and the cobblestone alleyways of Damascus and Aleppo, to the Ottoman-style houses of Madaba and the rose-coloured wonder of Petra. Be amazed at the sight of one of the grandest castles in the world, experience changing landscapes on a hike to a hilltop village and watch a tapestry of modern life in the urban charms of Amman. With a dip in the iconic Dead Sea and an unforgettable overnight desert safari providing memories that will last a lifetime, this is not to be missed!


Days 1-2 Damascus

Explore the ancient alleyways of Syria's historic capital. Wander through the Old City and stop to admire beautiful mosques, shaded courtyards and atmospheric souqs.

Day 3 Krak des Chevaliers

With the help of a local guide, discover one of the finest castles in the world.

Days 4-5 Aleppo

Revel in the classic charms of Aleppo by walking the cobblestone streets by day and relaxing in an open-air bar at night.

Day 6 Palmyra

Uncover the intriguing history of Palmyra on a visit to these impressive ancient ruins located in a remote, desert setting.

Day 7 Damascus

Return to Damascus and use free time to haggle for a bargain or dine on traditional Middle Eastern cuisine.

Day 8 Amman

Travel to the modern capital of Jordan and soak up the cultural delights of this sophisticated city.

Day 9 Wadi Rum

Embark on a jeep safari through sublime desert scenery, past surreal moonscapes and rocks carved with inscriptions. Spend a memorable night camping with Bedouin hosts under a starry desert sky.

Days 10-11 Petra

Join a local guide and explore the rose-coloured wonder of Petra. See traces of an ancient civilisation come to life in the temples and tombs of this incredible site.

Day 12 Dana Nature Reserve

Trek through stunning scenery, keeping a watch for ibex, mountain gazelles, wolves and lizards along the way.

Day 13 Madaba

Journey to the iconic Dead Sea and enjoy floating in the salty waters reputed to have medicinal properties. Afterwards, stop at legendary Mt Nebo to admire the view and the well-preserved church mosaics, then continue to historic Madaba. Take time to appreciate the traditional churches and houses of this town, as well as the elaborate Byzantine-era mosaics.

Days 14-15 Amman

Visit the beautifully preserved Roman city of Jerash, before returning to the modernity of Amman. Perhaps indulge in the cosmopolitan atmosphere by visiting galleries, cafes and boutiques.

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