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Get ready for a fast-paced adventure through the best of Vietnam, Laos and northern Thailand. This is a region packed to the brim with rich cultures, fiery cuisines, unique customs and breathtaking countryside - and on this adventure you´ll be sampling all of them. Whether you're slurping up a steaming bowl of pho at a street stall in Vinh, shopping for handicrafts in Vientiane, ambling through caves in Luang Prabang or gliding down the Mekong in a riverboat, you'll get a wonderful insight into Indochina during this incredible adventure.


Day 1 Hanoi

Shaded boulevards, public parks and blocks of ochre buildings are telling remainders of a French-colonial past, but Hanoi hums with the bustle of a modern city.

Day 2 Vinh

Spend a night in the border town of Vinh, checking out the market for fresh Vietnamese dinner options.

Days 3-4 Vientiane

Slow down to the pace of sleepy Vientiane, where the colourful market stays open all day and dusty riverside paths are packed with friendly children, dogs and chickens. A great way to round off a day of sightseeing is by dining at one of the many stilt restaurants set up high above the Mekong.

Days 5-7 Vang Vieng

Be wowed by the gorgeous setting of Vang Vieng, surrounded by stunning limestone karst mountains. Relax in a chilled-out cafe or dive into the river to escape the heat.

Days 8-10 Luang Prabang

The jewel in Laos' crown, Luang Prabang is bursting at the seams with temples and French colonial architecture. Climb to the top Phu Si at sunset for magical views over the town or hop onto a jumbo to visit the gorgeous Kuang Si Falls.

Days 11-12 Mekong River

Float gently down the Mekong on a riverboat journey, travelling with local passengers and docking at tiny Pak Beng for the night.

Days 13-14 Chiang Mai

Home to over 300 temples and a massive night market, Chiang Mai has plenty to see and do. Indulge in a traditional Thai massage, take a lesson at a cooking school or perhaps learn the secrets of kickboxing.

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