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From the busy streets of Bangkok, venture south, passing through the rainforests of Khao Sok, the pristine beaches of Krabi, the colonial ports of Penang and Melaka and the ultra-modern architecture of KL, before arriving in thriving Singapore. Along the way, let your senses be your guide as you absorb the region's historic heritage, cultural traditions and exotic cuisines.


Days 1-2 Bangkok

Before the adventure begins, why not tuck into a pad thai at a local street stall, relax with a traditional Thai massage or escape the city heat with a cruise along the Chao Phraya River.

Days 3-4 Khao Sok National Park

Spend a night in a rustic bungalow amid ancient gnarled rainforest trees. There's time here to explore the jungle either by foot or on the back of an elephant.

Days 5-7 Krabi

Sun-seekers will fall in love with Krabi's unspoilt beaches, the spectacular limestone cliffs will tempt avid rockclimbers, while scuba divers will be impressed by what lies beneath the turquoise waters.

Days 8-9 Penang

A charismatic blend of colonial heritage, night markets and religious temples, Malaysia's Penang also offers a wide range of exotic sights and delicious cuisines. Relive colonial days along the streets of Georgetown and don't leave town without slurping on a bowl of spicy Penang laksa.

Days 10-11 Kuala Lumpur

The ultra-modern Petronas Towers may dominate the skyline, but KL still retains plenty of old-world charm. Shop for a bargain in one of its gleaming shopping centres, visit the nearby Batu Caves or sample some local treats around Petaling Street.

Days 12-13 Melaka

With its colonial architecture and strong Indian, Chinese and colonial influences, Melaka is a true melting pot of cultures. Delve into its long history wandering the ruins of A'Famosa, ride on the Eye on Malaysia for birds-eye views over the city or browse the antique shops on Jonker Street.

Days 14-15 Singapore

Indulge in the Singaporean pastimes of eating and shopping in Chinatown, Little India or along Orchard Road.

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