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Morocco is a land of exotic wonders - from the medieval magic of Fes and the bustling alleyways of Marrakech, to the peaceful serenity of the High Atlas Mountains and the crisp, sea breezes of Essaouira. It is a country that pulses with life - so why not take the opportunity to explore this enchanting part of the world? Haggle with animated local traders in souqs, absorb fresh air and stunning scenery on alpine walks and kick back on the coast, while admiring ornate architecture and shopping for treasures and trinkets along the way.


Day 1 Tangier

Arrive early and use free time to get to know charming Tangier. Make the most of the vibrant nightlife, take a stroll along the beach front or sip a strong coffee in a cafe.

Days 2-3 Chefchaouen

Catch a local bus to the town of Chefchaouen. Wander through the medina to admire blue-washed buildings, take a hike in the lush surrounds of the Rif Mountains or sit and admire the magical scenery over a mint tea. Since this area is known as a centre for artisans, be sure to peruse local markets and shops for colourful blankets and woven rugs.

Days 4-5 Fes

Travel to Fes - the spiritual capital of Morocco. Admire art and artefects in museums and galleries and behold the beauty of Kairaouine Mosque, with its green roof and tiled minaret. Perhaps head to the Palais Jamai to enjoy an evening drink - watching a golden sunset while the call to prayer floats over the medina is an unforgettable experience.

Days 6-7 Marrakech

Tantalise senses with the lively sights and sounds of magical Marrakech. Wander the streets to absorb the culture and flavours of this busy city. Shop at crowded souqs brimming with jewellery and crafts, stop by street stalls selling local delicacies and dine in restaurants pulsating with traditional music.

Days 8-9 High Atlas Mountains

Head for the hills on a journey into the beautiful High Atlas Mountains - the highest mountain range in North Africa. Choose to take a steamy Turkish bath, stop by the alpine retreat of Kasbah du Toubkal for a cup of tea or trek through through the stunning surrounds with a guide.

Days 10-11 Essaouira

Journey to the coastal perfection of Essaouira, where it's all about sea breezes and the simplicity of the outdoors. Try some optional activities - wind surfing, kite surfing and horse riding are all on offer. For a slower pace, enjoy a massage, kick back in a cafe or check out the booming arts scene at galleries and workshops.

Days 12-13 Marrakech

Return to the busy streets of Marrakech to indulge in a final dinner with friends. The streets and alleyways of this city are infused with the aroma of spices - the only problem is choosing where to eat!

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