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Let's face it - no travel in Morocco is complete without taking time to explore beautiful Marrakech. Among its rosy-tinged buildings you'll discover ancient archaeological marvels and twisting medina alleyways where every turn yields a wealth of new sights, sounds and scents. Take a moment to get your bearings then start bargaining like a local! At night, lose yourself in the crazy street theatre of the Djemaa el-Fna, where vendors and entertainers compete for attention amid jostling crowds. This is absolute magic - it's absolute Marrakech.


Day 1 Arrive Marrakech

Head to the Djemaa el-Fna. Once a trader's square it now functions as the city's entertainment space. Delve into the souqs of the medina and explore the different industries. Mingle with locals selling fresh vegetables, herbs and spices and see the quarters of the carpenters and other artisans. By night, be caught up in the rhythm of the music, emotion of the dancers and skill of the jugglers - a perfect introduction to Morocco.

Day 2 Marrakech

Start the day with a short Arabic lesson before stopping by a market to buy fresh produce to be used in a cooking class. Discover the various spices and ingredients used in Moroccan cuisine, learn to prepare tasty specialities and enjoy a hearty lunch.

Day 3 Depart Marrakech

Explore more of the medina and its most impressive sites. Visit the palaces and tombs, as well as the Jewish Quarter before this short break ends.

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