Toubkal Ascent

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Discover the delights of the lesser-known areas of the Atlas Mountains. Hike through the breathtaking Ourika Valley over the rarely crossed Tizi n'Tacheddirt, to reach North Africa's highest village. Experience the rugged mountain lifestyle of the Berbers as you trek higher towards the summit of Mount Toubkal. Take a moment to inhale the awe-inspiring panoramic views of the valleys below and beyond to the Sahara. Contrast the wonders of nature with the delights of civilization on return to vibrant Marrakech.


Day 1 Marrakech

Arriving in Marrakech, enjoy a free day to experience the flavour of this tantalising city. Absorb the atmosphere of Djemaa el-Fna where musicians, dancers and jugglers jostle for attention.

Day 2 Toubkal NP, Iabassene

Head through the breathtaking Ourika Valley towards Iabassene. Load up the mules and trek to Agadir n'Ait Boulmane. Admire the magnificent views as the trek passes through villages and across meandering rivers.

Day 3 Toubkal NP, Tacheddirt

Conquer the ascent to the Tizi n'Tacheddirt and be rewarded with the panorama of the Imenane Valley. Soak up the views before descending to the mountain trekkersÂ’ lodge.

Day 4 Toubkal NP, Aremd

Zigzag along mule trails and take in the spectacular vista climbing the Tizi n'Tamatert. Descend through lush vegetation, almond trees and fragrant pines, and look out for grazing goats nearby. Unwind in the hillside-hugging town of Aremd.

Day 5 Toubkal Base Camp

Follow the Mizane River through to the final slopes of Mt Toubkal. Pass the sacred shrine of Sidi Chamharouch. Ascend to the Mt Toubkal Base Camp and recuperate with fellow trekkers at the refuge.

Day 6 Mt Toubkal Summit/Aremd

Clamber over ridges and across streams in pursuit of the summit of Mt Toubkal. With luck, witness incredible views towards the Sahara and refuel over lunch before the returning to Aremd.

Days 7-8 Marrakech

Back in the city, rest weary legs with an alfresco meal at a restaurant or sweet mint tea in one of the bustling bazaars.

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