Camino de Santiago - 8 Day Self Guided Walk

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Trace the path of pilgrims on this unforgettable Spanish adventure. The famous Camino de Santiago winds through rolling hills and vineyards, past ancient chapels, shrines and rich woodlands, observing 1000 year old traditions. Discover the colourful, flambuoyant nature of the Spanish heartlands, and the unique spirit that is embodied in the Camino de Santiago experience.


Day 1 Leon

Peer between the layers of this ancient town before the pilgrimage begins. Visit the staggeringly beautiful Santa Maria de Leon Cathedral with its stained-glass windows and Gothic grandeur, or wander through the lively historic quarter, collecting last-minute supplies from the market.

Day 2 Sarria

Enjoy time in the morning to explore more of Leon before making the journey to Astorga. Take the opportunity to learn about the colourful history of the Camino de Santiago at the pilgrimsÂ’ museum and marvel at the towering spires of BishopÂ’s Palace, one of GaudiÂ’s masterpieces. Watch the mountains and valleys of grassy Galicia unfold on a train ride to Sarria.

Day 3 Portomarin

This walking adventure begins along one of the CaminoÂ’s most beautiful stretches, cutting through dense woodlands, lush meadows and orchards. Arrive into Portomarin, a city rebuilt stone by stone after being engulfed by a flood. Be sure to venture out to sample tasty local treats at a charming cafe.

Day 4 Palas de Rei

The ancient route continues through lush Galician countryside to Palas de Rey. Enjoy a detour to the beautiful Romanesque church at Vilar de Donas, before refuelling with a hearty feast and a drop of locally grown wine.

Day 5 Castaneda

Continue towards Santiago de Compostela, traipsing over medieval bridges, past shrines and through villages. Spot ancient stone walls and church spires on the horizon. Along the way pass through the important pilgrim town of Melida - the perfect place to stop for lunch - then continue on to Castaneda for the evening.

Day 6 Pino

Push onwards as the walk nears its final destination. Hike over rolling, green fields and down shady lanes, where the fresh scent of eucalyptus is heavy in the air. Spend the night in the village of Pino.

Days 7-8 Santiago de Compostela

With Santiago de Compostela only a short way down the road, spend the last few miles soaking up the experience. Savour the immense feeling of accomplishment that has greeted pilgrims for centuries upon entering the square, and enjoy the pilgrimsÂ’ rituals within the Gothic walls of the cathedral. Admire some of the cityÂ’s historic gold monuments, then why not retire to a trendy eatery for a meal of pulpo a la gallega and a delicious Riberio wine to celebrate the end of the trip?

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