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Northern Thailand is a treasure-trove filled with glittering temples, ancient ruins, exotic markets and sumptuous foods. Explore the capital of Siam's golden age at Sukhothai, ride an elephant through the rainforest of Lampang, browse the bustling markets of Chiang Mai, stay at a special homestay with local friends and enjoy a traditional khan toke dinner - there's so much to discover in Thailand's northern kingdom.


Day 1 Bangkok

Make the most of this bewitching city of skyscrapers and temples, chaos and calm. Nestled on the banks of the Chao Phraya River, Bangkok is a frenetic fusion of traditional and modern.

Day 2 Sukhothai

Enjoy the tranquility of Thailand's first capital, set amid leafy forests, perfumed gardens and fertile rice paddies. A trip to the night market is a real eye-opener - the culinary smorgasbord here ranges from fried rice to fried bugs.

Day 3 Lampang

Step back in time and tour Sukhothai's fascinating temples by bicycle, stopping off at a local market and sharing a picnic. Perhaps see the impressive murals of Wat Phra That Lampang Luang or enjoy some pampering at the local herbal sauna and massage centre.

Day 4 Homestay

Ride an elephant through the forest and stay to see bath time. Spend the evening in the home of our village friends and witness Thai rural life first-hand. Be treated to a traditional khan toke dinner accompanied by live music and a dance performance.

Days 5-7 Chiang Mai

Rise early to offer alms to the monks. Take a relaxing soak in hot springs en route to Chiang Mai. Situated at the crossroads of one of South-East Asia's most important trade routes, the northern capital is a legendary centre of ancient culture, adventure, relaxation and shopping. Bike between the temples, take a cooking class, cruise down the river on a bamboo raft or hone haggling skills at the markets.

Day 8 Bangkok

Celebrate the end of the adventure over a cold Singha in Thailand's bustling capital.

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