Canoeing & Caves in Krabi

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Discover the remote reaches of Krabi, a region studded with limestone massifs rising out of the emerald sea. Paddle out to offshore islands in search of secluded stretches of sand, coral reefs and ethereal bays just perfect for swimming. See the region´s exotic wildlife while canoeing through mangrove forests, eerie, ancient caves and magnificent hongs.


Day 1 Krabi/Ao Nang

Be blown away by the beauty of Krabi, a province surrounded by pristine beaches, stunning limestone monoliths and jade seas. Spend the first day relaxing on the beach at Ao Nang or take a songthaew in search of a more secluded spot.

Days 2-4 Krabi Canoeing

Discover some of KrabiÂ’s most beautiful beaches, islands and coral reefs. Swim, snorkel among colourful fish, or try rock climbing. Spend two days exploring mangrove forests and caves by canoe, paddling past dramatic stalactites and stalagmites and up the river estuary. Visit the regionÂ’s hongs, the vast, open-air lagoons accessible only through small cave entrances. Try to spot water monitors, monkeys, gibbons and prehistoric paintings on the cave walls and cliffs.

Day 5 Ao Nang/Krabi

Enjoy one last dip in the warm waters of the Andaman Sea before leaving this tropical paradise behind.

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