Lycian Way - 8 Day Self Guided Walk

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The Lycian Way is the ultimate way to explore the incredible Turquoise Coast of Turkey. Be captivated by the rich history and rugged charm of the region as you hike along mountain paths, past ancient archaeological sites and over rocky outcrops. Set the pace of your walking holiday but choosing from a diverse range of carefully created trails each day, that can get the heart racing or offer a peaceful sojourn through the area. This incredibly beautiful region will both surprise and delight, as walkers come to understand why the Lycian Way has been rated one of the 'World's 10 Best Long Walks'.


Day 1 Arrive Adrasan

Surrounded by a dramatic backdrop of mountains and situated near a glistening bay, Adrasan provides the perfect base for a week of walking adventures on the Lycian Way. This picturesque trail, which winds, climbs and undulates is the ultimate way to explore the incredible Turquoise Coast.

Days 2-7 Adrasan

Choose daily from a number of carefully crafted hikes, ranging from several hours to a full day in length. Enjoy energetic climbs and tranquil meanders, across an constantly changing terrain. With a packed lunch and plenty of water tucked away, set off to discover new gems every day - it’ll be easy to see why the Lycian Way has been rated as one of the ‘World’s 10 Best Long Walks’. Hikes also visit such regional icons as the eternal flames of the Chimaera and mighty Mt Olympos. Be sure to take a moment to catch the sun setting over Olympos Bay while the natural gas flames of Mt Chimaera flicker into the night sky - a truly magical experience. The walks in this part of the world not only boast jaw-dropping oceanic and mountain vistas, but they also play host to several ancient archaeological sites and ruins, as well as narrow trails rumoured to have once been used by the likes of Alexander the Great. Each day will bring a new adventure to be enjoyed with the knowledge that a hearty meal, friendly hospitality and a comfy bed will be the reward at the end of the day. Be sure to take the time to indulge sore muscles after a week of walking with the quintessential Turkish bathing experience - a hamam.

Day 8 Depart Adrasan

This Lycian Way adventure comes to an end.

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